Hailing from Newham, East London, Rosé is one of 2021’s most promising fresh faces! With confidence and finesse, he is able to effortlessly fuse rap and UK drill and is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with.

With DJ Target premiering his latest release ‘Jiggle Wiggle’ on BBC 1xtra, Rosé shows off a tight flow which mixed with hard hitting bars, set the young artist apart from the rest. The video was uploaded to Mixtape Madness, to some very positive feedback.

The track begins with a harmonic elevation that quickly snaps into a two-step and drill fusion, allowing Rosé to take us on a lyrical journey. Through bars of “now when I leave that booth no need for an aux / hear my tunes on radio”, the confidence the East London rapper has towards his music is clearly demonstrated.

The accompanying video for ‘Jiggle Wiggle’ helps bring the song to life and follows Rosé leaving prison and celebrating his release with a beautiful young woman in the back of a London cab. The visuals are slick and use effects to help Rosé’s lyrics pop out from the screen, showcasing bars that highlight the impressive use of wordplay and metaphors such as “Violate who? Mind the smoke don’t bun out your chest like I slapped some Vicks in”.

The track has both a hard-hitting and uplifting feel throughout, with a Miami bass inspired beat that allows Rosé to jump on the rhythm with an equally hard-hitting and sharp-edged flow pattern. The production of the song is sleek and has a classic UK rap feel to it and supplies Rosé with the foundation to build his clever wordplay on.

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