iNTeLL x DLP announce new collaboration album ‘COMPUTERS FOR THE HOOD’ featuring Method Man, Del tha Funkee Homosapien, R.A. The Rugged Man, and more Out Wednesday, June 9th!

What’s special about your new release Computers For The Hood?

There are a number of things that make this release special. One being that I mixed and mastered it myself. Another being that it’s entirely produced by one producer named DLP who’s production is phenomenal. And last but not least the features that complement the album are amazing.

How many tracks did you record for this project and what was the process like?

Initially this was supposed to be a 5 track EP that me and DLP we’re working on but as it began developing more and I begin to dive more deeply into it… and it turned into 11 tracks of pure greatness.

How did you link with Rakim’s son?

So after 2GWU released 7.O.D We were doing interviews and we were doing a podcast with stuck b who is Sean Price brother and there he was also interviewing Tahmell and there we began to build a great connection.

(iNTeLL x DLP Computers For The Hood)

Now that the country is opening… any shows or tours?

I’ve been doing shows slowly but surely in my home city but as things open up more and my name reaches more ears I plan to do more shows and definitely tour.

Any new records with your pops or 2nd Generation Wu coming??

2nd Generation Wu will be featured on Peter Rosenberg‘s debut album that is dropping June 4 we are on track 11 which is mixed and mastered by me aka iNF3RKN0

Last song you had on repeat?

The last song I had on repeat was Hood blues by DMX featuring Griselda artists.

(iNTeLL x DLP)

Any dream artist(s) you’d like to work with?

Kendrick Lamar Eminem Jay Z Kanye West DJ Premier.

Any hidden skills in the other elements (aerosol art, dj, b boy)?

I’m also a filmmaker who edits, directs, produces, and writes, I paint, graphic design, cooking.

Favorite Wu album?

Wu-tang forever & Supreme Clientele …


Shout outs or last words??

I have a clothing line called offspring dropping on June 18 it’s a collaboration with a company called urban coolab they work with People designing clothes with artificial intelligence stay tune for that collection and check out my website thank you for this interview peace!

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