Finale is the one of the most intricate rhymers in Detroit. The Passionate and soft-spoken MC laces his rhymes with vivd humanity. He army crawled his way out of the open mic scene to being legitimately seen as a peer by Detroit lumanaries. Just as his gumbo began to bubble, he was ghost.

The MC that lives his rhymes, Finale took a multiyear break to establish is family. The integrious move was talked about as career seppuku by some but your man knows that true artistry is a long game. Odds & Ends is Finale’s return to the record he set out to record before his family blossomed. Its fantastic, no-frills hip-hop.

Today we share a remix. Toronto’s Saukrates flips “7 Days,” a song about the 8 hour existential struggle of a day job. The life Finale, Kenn Starr and Hassaan Mackey imbue in just under three minutes is refreshing and inspiring.

by Sweeny Kovar

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EDITOR: La Mont Reed
IMAGE: Finale