Born Daniel Dumile aka MF DOOM left his mark on the world of hip hop culture.

The impact of the Super Villain on the genre is immeasurable, as countless of artists alike hail him as one of the greats, among these admirers is Dublin Ireland’s DJ M-1.

DJ M-1’s remixes capture the spirit of DOOM’s original creations.

Dooms intricate wordplay, signature mask, and enigmatic persona captivated heads. Throughout his career, he redefined the boundaries of hip hop with his innovative production techniques and profound lyrical storytelling.

Tragically, the world lost Doom on October 31, 2020, but his influence continues to thrive through projects like DJ M-1’s remix album.


1. TAPE INTRO (MF DOOM SPEAKS) (Duration: 01:17)

2. MF DOOM ‘Microwave Mayo’ DJ M-1 REMIX (Duration: 02:48)

3. MF DOOM ‘Ballskin’ DJ M-1 REMIX (Duration: 01:46)

4. Westside Gunn & MF DOOM ‘2 Stings’ DJ M-1 REMIX (Duration: 02:47)

5. Madvillain ‘Figaro’ DJ M-1 REMIX (Duration: 01:47)

6.Viktor Vaughn ‘Raedawn’ DJ M-1 REMIX (Duration: 02:47)

Release Date: August 30, 2023