Fellow connoisseurs! Today, we embark on a discovery with a fresh strain and destination. Join me as we blaze into uncharted territory, exploring the offerings of The Legacy Market (TLM) in this wake and bake adventure.

The spotlight falls on their AAAA flower, a strain I’ve yet to try. With curiosity as my compass, I stir through this unexplored terrain, eager to unravel its mysteries.

The Legacy Market (TLM) is more than just a brand its a community of seasoned medical marijuana consumers with over a decade of industry experience. Their commitment to quality control and customer satisfaction begs us to partake in the experience.

AAAA I believe is a slightly more leaning indica-dominate hybrid strain from crossing Slurricane and Margy Mints together. I have tried Slurricane before and a few other crosses from it and they were all pretty good. So I am hoping that this will be the same as those.

This batch of AAAA is 30% THC, less than 1% CBD (0.1%) and 2.79% terpenes. There is no information on what terpene profiles are in this strain.

What I really like about the packaging is that is comes in an easy to open and close glass jar. Once you open it you are greeted with a very nice aroma from the buds inside. The aroma had a very sweet berry with floral smell that was pleasant.

The buds looked great and were very dense and covered in trichomes that gave it a nice light green look with orange hairs. It broke up nicely and now I was ready to smoke and see what this strain could really do and what the high was like.

The blunt did smoke for a bit not being the best blunt I had left. There was a great flavour while smoking it that was very nice. There was a bit of a kick with each puff and I could slowly feel the high.

After smoking the high was pretty mellow but I could still feel it. It lasted for a tiny bit after while writing this review.

My overall view of the AAAA by The Legacy Market (TLM) is that they did a good job with this one. It didn’t blow me away or get me crazy high.

This would be a great weed for during the day or afternoon time when you need to get things done but still want to smoke. I really did like how the flower looked as it did look proper and had a great aroma.

I would for sure like to try other products from TLM in the future and see which ones I like the best for myself. I think those with a higher tolerance might need to roll a bit more to get to where they would like to be.

For those with a lower tolerance I think this would be a great one to share with a few friends or have a pinner (small blunt or joint) to yourself.

Don’t forget to hit me up on IG @torontowill.mrc and let me know what you think of AAAA or other products you have tried from TLM.

Thank you for reading as always and until the next one be safe, stay positive and enjoy what you are smoking!