ANZOLA is a recording artist whose loop-based neo-psychedelic music incorporates elements of Instrumental Hip Hop, Electronic, Jazz and Latin influences. The multi-instrumentalist creates a groove-heavy and laid back landscape utilizing samplers, classic synths, drum machines and live instrumentation.

Since immigrating to Canada in 2009, the Venezuelan-born musician has been busy releasing music and establishing himself in Toronto’s vibrate music scene.

His new EP Caracas finds him in a reflective mood, looking back at his youth spent growing up in the city of Caracas, and his experience immigrating to Canada.

“My music is the story of who I am” muses ANZOLA. “And like most immigrants will tell you, when you leave your home, a piece of you stays. With this EP, I wanted to celebrate the city I come from and explore the parts of myself that were left behind.”

Caracas finds the artist expanding his sonic palette beyond downtempo trip-hop style beats and incorporating elements of House, Jazz and Boogie, with Latin flavours throughout.

Entirely self-produced, these six tracks transport us into ANZOLA’s kaleidoscopic vision of his youth: a world of heat and haze, colour and texture, of lazy afternoons and late-night dances, languid jungles and chaotic streets.

All created instrumentally utilizing drum machines, bass, synths, electric pianos and samplers. “I’ve always been better at communicating through chords and rhythm than with words. On this record, I followed my feelings and memories to return home.”

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IMAGE: Anzola