Dispensaries sell cannabis products in a variety of ways. One thing that you will learn is that pre rolls are a very popular seller.

Pre rolls can come in different ways, some of the most popular are 3.5 pre rolls or more depending on the brand or the one gram pre roll.

Today I was trying the Banana bread 1 gram pre roll by Gage, who grew it for Cookies. Banana bread is a cross of Purple Kush and Vietnamese Black. This strain is an Indica hybrid and is 29.87% THC and less than 1% CBD.

This pre roll was rolled with papers and a long folded Gage filter. I personally like to smoke blunts so I broke the pre role and re-rolled it with a tobacco leaf. It was by far a very tiny blunt for this wake and bake but I wanted to see the quality of this flower.

While smoking the flower it did have a nice taste. The high from this was very mild after smoking. For me personally 1 gram pre roll wasn’t enough to really see how this flower was and what it could do. This can also be the fact that this is an indica hybrid. Either way it was still something new to try and enjoy.

If you are someone who doesn’t have a high tolerance, only smokes once in a while or can’t roll then pre rolls are perfect for you. From the selections and different strengths you are going to find something that you really enjoy. Just talk with the working budtender and they can help you with any questions you may have.

From the dispensaries in person or online, there are many choices and ways to consume cannabis. If you are a medical user or a recreational user be safe, know your limit and enjoy the variety of cannabis products you find and enjoy. By Toronto Will