Los Angeles, California Music producer Kev Da Khemist recently released “I’m A Khemist,” a hard-hitting hip-hop track rapped in English and Spanish with vintage vibes.

The track is accompanied by slapping drums, booming stand-up bass and a Mafioso-sounding sample. The song was inspired by a recent triumph at the Fresh Produce STL beat battle in St. Louis, leading to a rare appearance behind the microphone.

Upon his return to Los Angeles, he recorded “I’m A Khemist” as a testament to his skills and confidence as a music producer. The song, with its various samples, uses weaponry references as a powerful symbolism for the intensity and passion Kev puts into his beats, ready to battle other producers.

The Art of War excerpt in the intro sets the tone for the track. Larry June vocals were sampled from “Tangible Assets” for the hook. He raps in English and Spanish to express his pride in being an Ecuadorian-American.

Kev Da Khemist created “I’m a Khemist” to invite everyone to enter the mind of a music producer with a mission for victory.

The song is available on all streaming platforms.

"Beat Battle Champ Kev Da Khemist Drops ‘I’m A Khemist’"

Kevin Flores, aka Kev Da Khemist, is an Ecuadorian-American music producer, recording engineer, author and aspiring screenplay writer from Los Angeles. His sound ranges from experimental to polished productions of gritty Hip-Hop beats.

He released the raunchy romantic comedy novel “Love Hertz” in 2022. Kev’s mission is to create impactful music that resonates with listeners and tells compelling stories that captivate the audience.

His ultimate goal is to move people and connect with others through music and writing.

"Beat Battle Champ Kev Da Khemist Drops ‘I’m A Khemist’"

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IMAGE: Kev Da Khemist