MRC Promo interviews John Memorex founder of BEAT TAPE CO-OP a movement/site dedicated solely to Producers & BeatMakers!

Where’s home?


Are you a producer? Tools of the trade??

I have produced songs/made beats. When I first started making beats it was on an Akai Remix 16 and also a Dr. Rhythm Drum Machine.

Then later used fruity loops and now trying to get back into the process of making beats again using a MpcOne.

How did the Beat Tape Co-Op come about?

Beat Tape Co-Op was created back in 2008 with many personal frustrations as a producer when working with people. I started to talk to other producers that felt the same way and around this time cassette tapes started having a resurgence.

So I just started focusing on a platform for producers/beatmakers to share their beats and beat tapes and hopefully they could start to get some recognition for the music they created.

And also a place where producers/beatmakers can come together and discuss beats and reach out to one another.

Can anyone submit a tape?

If you’re a producer/beatmaker and you make beats, yes for the most part anyone can submit a tape.

What types of genres do well on your site?

Hip-Hop, Boom Bap, Lo-Fi, Experimental ..

Who are some of the popular producers? Any stand out names??

Dibia$e, Jazzsoon, Jansport J, Wun Two, mndsgn, Black Milk, Emapea, ill Sugi, Ohbliv, Bugseed, Madlib, Marco Polo,IronMikeSharp, J.Dankworth, Budamunk, Elaquent, Dr. Dundiff, Deep of 2 Hungry Bros., Dillon, House Shoes, John Robinson, Kuartz, Ayatollah, ohricky, Monsrock, that’s just a few but honestly there are many more…

About how may beat tapes have been submitted?

If I could change the question slightly from 2008 until this moment of answering the question, over 15,000 beat tapes or instrumental projects / albums have been shared on Beat Tape Co-Op.

From submissions to beat tapes from producers I come across that I would like to share. That’s about a good ballpark number.

You also post drum kits, which ones are most popular? Producers??

I also post drum kits here and there. Illmind Drum Kits and also Drum Kits on Boom Bap Labs from Alpha Centori are also very dope. Recommend checking those out.

Do you have a particular strategy for growing your followers?

I wouldn’t say I have a particular strategy for growing my followers but just being consistent every day when it comes to sharing and promoting beat tapes and instrumental albums.

I try to update and post new music daily on the blog for the beat heads. So they can hopefully come across a new producer/beatmaker they may have not heard about before.

Do you offer promotional services?

Pretty much if you got a beat tape/instrumental album contact me. I appreciate donations. But overall it’s about the love and support and helping producers.

Goals for The Beat Tape Co-Op?

Just continue to grow and grow and hopefully be around for years to come. Been doing this now for 15 years. Hopefully it will continue for the next 15 years…

Last words or shout outs?

Thanks to La Mont at MRC Promotions for this opportunity. Also every one please check us out here Bandcamp, Beattapeco-op.blogspot and

Thank You for all the support and many thanks to all the wonderful producers/beatmakers I have spoken to through the years. Grateful for all the love and support. Peace.

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