Hey there, beat aficionados and lovers of all things Boombap! JITNEY MUSIC & THE INNER REALMZ are excited to drop this smooth lofi jazzy-hop instrumental joint that’ll have your head nodding.

Say hello to Cali producers GOOMSON and BROKE/, two beat geniuses who’ve joined forces to whip up a hip-hop feast.

If you’re into raw sample-based hip-hop that’s a throwback to the golden era of groups TRIBE, DE LA SOUL, or DJ PREMIER, you’re in for a treat. They’re all about that classic analog sound, infusing it with jazzy vibes, and serving it up with a side of boom bap goodness.

And guess what? You can get your hands on this in the form of a “Heavy Wreck Cassette” or Vinyl with dope cover art by Ripes143! It’s got all the bells and whistles you’d want—standard shell design, super ferro (normal bias) cassette, pro digital bin high speed, pad printed, and wrapped up with love in tuck & fold shrink wrap. You can practically hear the nostalgia oozing out of it!

"Beats Unleashed: The GOOMSON & BROKE/ Digital , Vinyl & Cassette Tape Instrumentals"


This project was co-released July 2023 by two indie labels: The Inner Realmz and Jitney Music. Shoutout to Masta Cypher Devine for producing the beat for Black Swan Event & Mike B appearing Absorb Power.

Head over to Bandcamp and snag all six of Goomson’s releases and save yourself 25%. Thats more groove for your doe. Get ready to press play and let the bangers bang!


1. Floor Ya (Prod. By Broke/) 01:27

2. SP 1200 HNIC (Prod. By Broke/) 01:09

3. Gone (Prod. By Broke/) 01:39

4. Back (Prod. By Broke/) 01:59

5. Large (Prod. By Broke/) 01:53

6. Getting There (Prod. By Broke/) 01:36

7. All For One (Prod. By Goomson) 02:14

8. Catchin Wreck (Prod. By Goomson) 02:34

9. Jazz Messenger (Prod. By Goomson) 03:50

10. Heat Of The Desert (Prod. By Goomson) 03:11

11. Absorb Power Feat. Mike B (Prod. By Goomson) 03:09

12. Black Swan Event (Prod. By Masta Cypher Devine) 01:58