In a recent conversation with Erica, owner of The Key Entertainment in Orlando, Florida, we look into the world of her entrepreneurship and her most recent Hip Hop 50 event, which took place in O-Town.

Erica, a passionate enthusiast of hip hop culture, shared her insights into her business and the inspiration behind her events. We were excited to hear her thoughts on her hustle, and aspirations to make a mark in the Central Florida entertainment scene.

Why did you start Key Entertainment and who is it for?

The Key Entertainment was started because of my love for music, I knew I wanted to do something with music. Originally, I wanted to open a lounge, then I started investing in shows and fell in love with it, now I am doing my own shows, I can do the shows I want with the artist I want, and they will always be performances with meaning.

How long have you been promoting?

I started promoting in April. My first Hip Hop show was Grand Master Caz’s Birthday held in NY.

In your opinion, what is the best thing about the Orlando Hip hop scene?

The Orlando Hip Hop scene is hard, especially when it comes to old school and the culture, however this is my drive to keep going. I want everyone to love not only the genre but the true culture of Hip Hop.

What in the scene could be better in your opinion?

More love and understanding of the foundation of Hip Hop and what it was created for. I guess I am looking for everyone to love it the way I do and for the reasons I do. Hip Hop is creativity and one of the most amazing genres of music.

How did you get involved with the Orlando Hip Hop 50?

After doing Grand Master Caz’s birthday and realizing Florida did not have a genuine Hip Hop 50th Culture celebration, I felt it needed to be done. This type of show needs to be in Florida, This era was one of the greatest for music in general.


Do you have some upcoming events?

I am not done, I am in the process of planning another show for this year, and next year is going o an amazing year for Old School Hip Hop and other genres from the 80’s – 90’s era.

What are some of your goals for Key Entertainment?

To stay true to why I am doing this and not to become a promoter is doing it for just the money, Everything I do has meaning because if it does not have meaning what is the point?

Favorite artist, DJ or emcee?

There are too many to name, there are so many different sounds and uniqueness to artists, some cannot be compared because they all bring something different to the table, however the one that has had the most impact on me and gave me the most insight is Grand Master Caz, conversations with him changed me in so many ways. I once loved the genre and now I am in love with the culture.

Can you share one outstanding moment that happened during the hip hop 50 event?

There was a lot that happened behind the scenes that should have made this event fail; however, the artists, b-boys and Airbrush Factory did not let that happen, they really stood by me and made sure the event was the success it was planned to be.

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Last words or shout outs?

Thank you to everyone who came through for the culture.. Onyx you guys are amazing performers as well as people, conversations with you were so insightful and showed who you are as people not just artists.

69 Boyz you guys put on an amazing show, I am still hearing “Yo we did not expect that from them they were dope.” Positive K, thank you for your kind words and encouragement to keep The Key going.

Dres, you are truly amazing and so cool to be around. Melle Mel and Scorpio, you guys never fail, and always put on a show that leaves and ever lasting memories.

MC Serch, Thank you for accepting our offer 4 days before the event and doing your part in celebrating the culture with us.

Chubb Rock, Thank you for your understanding and coming through, I said this once and I will keep saying it, You Are the TRUE definition of Hip Hop Culture and showed me in so many ways that Hip Hop supports Hip Hop. It was an honor working with you.

Thanks you to everyone who has taught me, helped me, been apart of me growing into the promoter I am destined to be. Thank you DJ Casper and of course, Grand Master Caz, even though you were booked and could not be there, I will always be grateful to you for all you taught me and for opening my eyes to something I love doing.

You gave me my first Hip Hop show and I have been addicted since. Stay Tuned The Key Entertainment is nowhere near Done. Hip Hop Does not stop and neither will The Key Entertainment.

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