Fresh off his second mixtape release with Goon Musick “Blackwater Magi” – Beni-Hana shows no sign of slowing down with his latest banger “Masters Degree”.

In addition to inlisting frequent collaborators Destro (Battleship) and Kato Thraxx (Kamikaze) there is a new face on the Carolina Underground Hip Hop scene in none other than Smeag Sceintist.

“She hooks up with me for Cocain and Impressive Sex – Now we roll around on the floor like Professor X” sets the grimey and mastefull tone over an erie Gloomy Sailor instrumental.

Destro has become a favorite for alot of new listeners, drawing comparisons quickly to Canibus and Sticky Fingaz seems to be a frequent topic of discussion in the comments section of his videos.

Kato Thraxx closes out this underground masterpiece with a lyrical arsenal that seems to dismantle the listener and completely obliterate the opposition via video game and comic book references. “And im a rap G.O.D. – leave the track looking like a map from C.O.D. – BODIES”

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ARTICLE: Goon Musick PR
IMAGE: Beni-Hana