BX emcee Big Inf tells us about his new industry project, new shows plus more..

When did you first catch the bug for hip hop?

It was when i heard “I Aint No Joke” from Eric B & Rakim..

Your feelings about the radio these days?

Its def over saturated…but my goal is to become part of that saturation lol!

The sample in “Big Inf Sade” who thought of that..and what was the concept behind the track?

It was an ode to one of the greatest singers ever!!! When I heard the sample of it in the studio i just had to put my 2 cents into it ..

Why did you name your new the release “New Industry”?

Because it was a changing of the guards. The digital era was ushering in a new way how we consume and stream music.

The cut “Killed It” really feeling that joint the whole project is fire tho.. will there be any more collabs with Bill Biggz?

Yes their certainly will be more collabs with the god…Bill also produced that track also. Shouts to Bill Biggz!!

Killed It FT. Bill Biggz

How did you link up with General Steel?

It was a tweet I sent out to Steel about my record called “New industry”. I wanted him to be on the record. He replied saying yes and the rest is history.

Electric Episode how did that track come about?

That record is a dedication to one of my favorite Holidays…4:20 so i figured why not get Mr. Mad izm himself “Hakim Green” of channel live on it.

Electric Episode Ft. Hakim Green

Best buds you ever blazed? Where?

Moon rocks straight from California courtesy of my Fed ex connect lol!

Any shows or tours coming up?

Yeah I got some shows up in Toronto this summer along with a brand new show i got called “New Industry Mondays” which will air on www.freshestfm.com every Monday night 9-10pm. And i have a new single I am gonna release this summer called “AfterrParty” so be on the look out for that well..

Shout outs or last words?

Shouts to Man, Woman & Child..Bless up #NewIndustry

Vainglorious Ft. J-Hood, VVS Verbal & General Steel

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