“Subterraneous” is the first single taken from one of Michigan’s favorite underground families, Binary Star, promoting their long-awaited WaterWorld Three album. Produced by Decompoze, “Subterraneous” features Binary Star’s active members One Be Lo and Decompoze, along with original Sub crew members ILLite aka T Calmese, RoSpit and Malaki. Pre-orders of WaterWorld Three are available and the album is scheduled for release on June 2nd. Thank you! – Sav


1. KoBe 03:01
2. Global Warming 04:09
3. Wolf Man Jackin for beats 04:42
4. Shogun 03:01
5. Slang Blade II 02:35
6. Fresh 03:02
7. Supreme Alphabet 03:31
8. BeDiLLJuice 04:03
9. Two’s Company 04:15
10. Never say good Binary 06:01
11. DemoCrazy 03:55
12. Wolf Man Jack strikes again 04:46
13. Subterraneous 05:00

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One Be Lo – Facebook |Twitter | Bandcamp
Decompoze – Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
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Article: Graig ‘Sav’ Stanton
Editor: La Mont Reed
Image: Binary Star