Following the success of recent singles ‘I Ain’t Dead’ and ‘Encore’, Bishop Tha DJ presents ‘Bareface Scarface,’ the final single from his upcoming album #TrueOGseries Vol 2: New Day Co-Op.

Produced by Senju Glitch and featuring the sharp and dynamic energy of Sun Zulu, ‘Bareface Scarface’ is a powerful message on avoiding the traps of life and overcoming the challenges which stand in our way.

Bishop Tha DJ’s highly anticipated album ‘#TrueOGseries Vol 2: New Day Co-Op’ will be released on May 21st!

Featuring an eclectic mix of rappers and producers the album is promising to be a real treat for true OG hip hop fans everywhere.

1. Intro (Bishop Speaks)
2. I Ain’t Dead (feat. Ullnevano & Sun Zulu)
3. New Dividends (feat. Ashley S., Defcee & Sun Zulu)
4. Bareface Scarface (feat. Sun Zulu)
5. TOGS #1 – Vinyl to Streaming
6. The Coldest (feat. Eze Jackson, Sir Tizzy, Shokus Apollo & Losvito)
7. Persona (feat. Finesse King K & Lor Chris)
8. Outrun (feat. Finesse King K, Nelly Hendriiix & Sun Zulu)
9. Bishop’s Tec (Interlude)
10. TOGS #2 – What’s a Mix Tape?
11. Dirty Game (feat. Bito Sureiya & Sun Zulu)
12. Belly Up (feat. Android No.23 & Sun Zulu)
13. Blood Water (feat. Sun Zulu & Ruste Juxx)
14. U Don Kno (feat. Nyota Parker, Lowe Key & Beth Banger)
15. TOGS #3 – Ladies First
16. Guard U Now (feat. J3rry Homes, Unitedivision & Dirt Platoon)
17. Art of War (Megamix) (feat. Sun Zulu, B. Fortune & Skyzoo)
18. Encore (feat. score|swayze, Sun Zulu, J. Swann & Bari Lutalo)
19. Friday Phonk Freestyle (feat. Sun Zulu)

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