After debuting his podcast with the album ‘True OG’ in 2017, Baltimore sound selecta Bishop tha DJ makes an explosive return with his new single ‘I Ain’t Dead’ featuring Ullnevano & Sun Zulu.

Mydus’ dynamic production is back again with an infectious lo-fi hip hop melody leading a new age of producers. Ullnevano and Sun Zulu provide a labyrinth of rhymes to give listeners plenty to rewind and decipher, while Bishop’s infectious cuts bring a gritty edge to the mix.

Add visuals directed by Sun Zulu and you begin to see elements of Hip Hop’s birth, (trains, parks & the streets), that pay homage to the roots of the culture with a clear reminder.

‘I Ain’t Dead’ is taken from Bishop tha DJ’s forthcoming album entitled ‘#trueOGseries Vol 2: New Day Co-Op.’ Based on Bishop’s weekly “Podcast like a Playlist” of the same name, the album is set to feature some of the best lyricists & producers from Baltimore, Miami, Brooklyn, Chicago and all over the world.

With podcast discussions with Bishop and guest rappers, producers, and media personalities, the album is promising to be a real treat for Hip Hop lovers everywhere when it drops early Spring 2021.

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IMAGE: Bishop tha DJ