For those who don’t know, Blabbermouf is an emcee from the dutch based hip-hop group Da Shogunz. “Ain’t Backing Down” his new solo album set to drop on 9.27.2019 features EllMatic and other guests. In this interview he shares his first hip hop experience and why he loves to perform in South America and more…

Peace Blabbermouf where’s home?

My home is in Heerlen close to Maastricht, Aachen and Cologne are right across the border.

Your very first experience or memory with hip hop culture?

One of the first was on the subway in Paris when I was a kid visiting the city with my parents. A couple of rappers came on the train and started performing passing’s around a hat I don’t speak or understand French but the energy of the music and the performance made a real impression.

Explain the new project “Aint Backin’Down” whats the message?

It means that no matter what happens you should never quit doing what you love and fight for it.

Are there any featured guest we should know about?

The regulars of course my dudes EllMatic and Christmaz and the producer SQB also got a few dope verses on it.

Where was the project recorded?

In my home studio, me and the producer were having sessions almost every day via a conference call software called Zoom, it allows you to share audio and screen and even remote control, that’s how we made all the material. Funny thing is SQB visited me in the Netherlands like two times and I went on a trip to Chile to hang out and shoot videos.

But none of the material for this album was made while were actually together I wrote like one track in his house but because of time pressure we couldn’t record while I was there. And when SQB was here we made new material for another album also with B. Montes and EllMatic for next year. So we basically made two albums back to back.

How different is the scene in South America than in Western Europe besides the language?

The crowds go a bit more crazy and there is more of a community feel then in Europe. People band together more. It sounds weird but that makes hip hop also more socially accepted and more a part of everyday life. There are rap cyphers at neighborhood BBQ’s and everybody young and old comes to enjoys that. I feel that in Europe we are more separated from each other. People are inside more on social media etc.

How many languages do you speak?

I speak Dutch. English some German and some Spanish.

Any new shows or tours coming up?

My album tour is gonna start soon. We got a show in Greece September 5th in Athens, Nov. 2nd/3rd in Bogota, Nov. 8th in Coquimbo Chile and the 9th of November in Santiago Chile. And we start booking the European part of the tour in September.

Anything outstanding or crazy happen to you within the last month or so you wanna share?

Doing hip hop Kemp and royal arena back to back with 1 hour of sleep and a total of 2600 km driving in 4 days is pretty crazy. Getting stopped by police and them being actually pretty cool besides the 0.2 grams of weed we had on us.. didn’t even test our driver. He was clean anyway but still. Oh and our DJ missed his flight to Swiss and showed up five minutes before show time ha ha. Didn’t stop us from killing the show tho!

Favorite snack or food you eat in South America?

Empanadas with chicken and cheese or Marraquetas with cheese. Tortillas, burritos oh and in Chile the water melon is amazing…

Last words or shout outs?

Peace to the Hetverzet, Shogunz, Fat Flava, heads up and vinyl digital teams and all the people supporting us. Looking forward to dropping the rest of the album new single dropping on august 30! stay tuned! Peace.

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EDITOR: La Mont Reed
IMAGE: Blabbermouf