Welcome back to another Black book hitz where we will be displaying single hits, master pieces or throwies from writers all over the world.

Today we will be showing a single hit from MIKE 171 who is a writer from Washington Heights in NYC. He started writing during the late 60’s in 1968 during the Signature era.

The Signature era was when writers during the 1960’s were just getting up with single hits in the streets as softies and master pieces weren’t a thing yet.

MIKE 171 was one of the original members of UGA (United Graffiti Artists) back in 1972 that was started by Hugo Martinez. UGA had the best writers in NYC as their members.

When I met MIKE 171 was back in 2019 with RIFF 170 and my other buddy at a Beyond The Streets event in Brooklyn.

I chatted with MIKE 171 for a bit then he signed my black book. He gave me his card then we parted ways and went to watch the live talk with EASY and CHINO.

It was great to meet an old school writer from the Signature era like MIKE 171. Hopefully bump into him again in NYC and go his rooftop spot he invited me too.

Look out for the next Black book hitz where we will post another page from a different writer. Till the next one get up and stay up! By @torontowill.mrc