For this review, we will be dabbing something from the company called Premium 5. Today we will be trying their Blackcherry Punch Hash Rosin for the wake and bake.

This product was a collaboration between Premium 5 and North 40. For this rosin they used North 40’s in house genetics.

Blackcherry Punch is an indica-dominate hybrid strain from crossing Purple Punch with Black Cherry Pie. This strain tends to be around the 20% THC area and it is known for its taste.

Medical users say this strain helps them with pain, insomnia and depression. The Blackcherry Punch Hash Rosin is a solventless extraction using only heat and pressure.

This concentrate is 72.7% THC but can range from 70-80% THC and is less than 1% CBD. Some of the terpene profiles are Farnesene, Limonene and Caryophyllene.

When dabbing the Blackcherry Punch Hash Rosin it was little harsh. The first two dabs were pretty good and tasty though.

The taste was a bit earthy but very pleasant and reminded me of smoking hash and some of the flavours from that. The third dab was great and gave a bit of a body buzz.

I found the high was more of a body and head high/buzz instead of just your typical high feeling. This was very relaxing where I would just want to chill and not do a lot.

My overall thought is I enjoyed the Blackcherry Punch Hash Rosin and would get it again. I would personally use this for a late night to chill and play some video games for a bit.

I think others would enjoy this and what it has to offer. I think both medical and non-medical dabbers can benefit from this product.

It only comes as a half gram (0.5) which kind of sucks as you can dab through it quick. If you can get this at your dispensary or online I would try it out for sure and see what it does for you.

Since this is a Canadian product I hope our American friends can come over to Canada and enjoy this and some of the other products we have to offer.

Till next time everyone be safe and enjoy what you’re smoking….Unless it’s that reggie!

By torontowill.mrc