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The Black Eyed Peas – VIBRATIONS PT.1 PT.2 [Video]

The Black Eyed Peas have been through so many changes through each release that many of their base fans left when commercial success seemed to motivate their creativity, instead of letting the creativity flow. Vibrations pt.1 pt.2 shows that they can move forward...

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“Respect For The Game” – Cory Bux [Video]

Clocking in at only a minute and twenty-nine seconds, Cory Bux drops some serious logic in "Respect For The Game". A haunting piano trill accompanies the direct lyrics and fast thinking concept rhymes. “Sometimes bridges gotta get broke so you can rebuild.” "Respect...

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Dope Folks ft. Casual [Listen]

Rapper Casual from the Hiero Imperium dropping the "Demo Sessions EP" on Dope Folks Records. The Bay Area MC releases 6 tracks from his vaults recorded between 1991 and 1992, all pre-dating his classic debut LP "Fear Itself." This is the first time that those tracks...

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6 Apps That Should Be On Every Android Phone

The Android OS is one of the most loved in the world, and the reason for this is not far-fetched. The open-source nature of the software means you can customize your phone to a further extent than a lot of its rival, most notably the iOS. Besides that, you get access...

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Madchild – “Demons” (Official Video)

“Demons never really leave - all you can do is fight back.” British Columbia rapper Madchild look within himself and grows up a little with the new release Demons – the title track from his upcoming release in April, 2019. Demons goes through Madchild’s history of...

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Q&A: Substantial Art & Music Interview

Substantial Art & Music, LLC (SAM) is an organization focused on providing consulting services to the art and music community. In this article we ask the artist Substantial about the company he and business partner/wife founded to help develope and push musicians and...

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Nas – “Cops Shot The Kid” (Official Video)

Ouch. Cops Shot The Kid, a new video from the album Nasir, released in July by Nas is visually terrifying and lyrically haunting. The story follows men and kids trying to do their thing and being harassed and, ultimately shot, by police. This song and the video,...

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AWAR – “Spoils of War” [Listen]

Since 2005, New York City emcee AWAR has been representing 90’s era hip hop with his own style. Best known for ‘Glory Days’, AWAR is back with a new album, Spoils of War. Mixing philosophical lyrics with hard hitting beats and quality musicianship, Spoils of War feels...

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Q&A: Hip hop Icon JUST-ICE Interview (Listen)

In this recent interview, Just-Ice talks about how he was inspired to start rhyming after being exposed to some different sounds other than what he had heard in his hometown of Brooklyn, citing Melle Mel as his largest inspiration. I’ll leave out the spoiler, but one...

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