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Long time collaborators, DJ Ready Cee and ill Dose rejoin forces to drop the feverish single and video for “KOBE” produced by DJ Ready Cee. East effortlessly meets West in this bi-coastal journey between DJ and emcee, delivering the essence of all the essential...

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Bryan Art – “CAN’T CUT WI VIBES” (Video)

Bryan Art’s unprecedented harmonic vocals emerge from the cinematic scene of unparalleled worldly music into the airwaves of reggae enthusiasts on his latest single “Can’t Cut Wi Vibes” with dedicated melodies and bewildering collaborations. Art leaves listeners in...

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BusyBars – “Fluid” (Audio)

BusyBars inscripts his penmanship into unmapped territory on this single called “Fluid” outlining an innovative peak in hip hop progression lyrically BusyBars is thorough. The modernized components of the music on this track portrays an intricate depiction of what rap...

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Q&A: Illdose Tennessee 2 Cali

Illdose fresh off his new tour talks music.. his lastest releases new goals and more .. Peace Illdose, where are you from and where's home now? Full name Loranzso Holmes aka "Illdose" I was born in Gardena Memorial Hospital.. I live in Marnia Del Rey, CA. At what age...

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The Legion “1980 Something”

Them dope emcees from the Bronx, The Legion come smashing beats for fun once again. Molecules, Chucky Smash & Cee-Lo killed it with the 2014 release of "The Lost Tapes" album which was the re-release of the crews underground classic LP titled "Theme + Echo = Krill,"...

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