Today we are going to try something we haven’t reviewed yet. We are going to look at a product from a place called Rad.

The product we will try today is their Blue SKZ Infused Power Flower. This product was grown in British Colombia, Canada and is made by combining pre-milled cannabis flower and high THC extracts.

These types of infused flower products and been becoming more popular over the last few year or so online or in person dispensaries in Canada. Blue Zkittlez is an indica strain that was made from crossing Blue Diamond with Zkittlez together.

This strain is known for helping people to gain an appetite and its terpene profiles that give it a berry taste. This batch of Blue SKZ Infused Power Flower is 35.2% THC and less than 2% CBD (1.5%).

The dominate terpene profiles found in this infused flower are Limonene, Pinene and Myrcene. Since this infused flower is always broken up it was really easy to roll.

I rolled all 2 grams into a blunt for the wake and bake. This wasn’t the biggest blunt but it burned for quite a while as I was talking to a friend from NYC on the phone.

I would cough pretty hard from time to time but this had a great taste and aroma to it while being smoked. The high from the infused flower was really nice.

It was very relaxing and for sure gave me the munchies which helps as I usually don’t eat in the morning. The high from this did last for a while after smoking but wasn’t very intense.

My honest thought of this Blue SKZ Infused Power Flower by Rad it’s pretty good as it can be smoked in different ways from blunts, joints, bongs or pipes.

I think this would be great for wake and bakes or during the day to help with appetite and the high is not too intense or down. Since it’s already broken up this would be great for on the go smoking or while exploring the city.

With a few cold drinks and a blunt or two of these you can make a great day of exploring and taking pics. I would for sure get this and try other infused flowers by Rad.

By T-Will