For our wake and bake review today we are going to be trying some new flower from a place that I just reviewed recently.

The place that we are trying and reviewing some flower from today is Purplefarm Genetics who are located in Canada. They have two facilities in different provinces with one being in Ontario and the other one is in New Brunswick.

The strain that we are trying from Purplefarm Genetics for this review is their Booty Clapper flower.

When I saw this online it gave me a good laugh and I knew that I had to try it and see what it was like. So I’m glad I was able to get some before it sells out. Out of the different strains that I have gotten recently I was really interested in seeing what this one was going to be like.

This strain Booty Clapper came from the breeder Capulator who are located in the US in the state of California.

Booty Clapper is an indica-dominate hybrid strain (some say sativa) from crossing the strains Sunset MAC and Big Buns together. I’m not sure if I have tried the parent strains to Booty Clapper as I may have tried Sunset MAC years ago but I don’t think I have ever tried Big Buns before.

This batch of Booty Clapper is 28.1% THC, less than 1% CBD and 3.24% terpenes.

The terpene profiles that are found in this strain are Caryophyllene, Humulène, Limonène, Linalool and Pinène.

The HQ (Half Quarter/3.5 grams) of flower came in a mylar bag that is easy to open and close when needed. Once it was opened I could smell the aroma coming from the flower inside. The aroma had some funky, earthy notes with maybe a bit of gas to it which was pleasant.

Either was I liked what I was smelling from the bag. The buds inside were pretty dense, looked amazing and glittered in the light from all the trichomes.

I can tell that they put a lot of love and care into this flower to make it look that way that it does.
The buds were easy to break up in a grinder and roll into a blunt.

Now I can head outside to enjoy the weather and see what this Booty Clapper can really do. While smoking I could tell that this stuff did have a kick to which did make me cough a lot at first.

The blunt did burn well and had a nice white ash which is always a good sign. The flavour profile was really nice while smoking even in a blunt.

Maybe a little after halfway through the blunt I could tell that I was starting to get pretty high but I wasn’t complaining at all and kept laughing and watching videos while smoking.

By the time the blunt was done I was feeling pretty good at this point. This was a really nice smoke and the high was pretty intense at first but mellowed out after.

My overall view of the Booty Clapper by Purplefarm Genetics is they did another amazing job with this strain as it was really good. This is the second strain that I have tried by them and I have been impressed with both of them so far as they these strains were both in the 28% range.

I think anyone would really enjoy this strain as it is pretty strong and does have a nice high that comes with it. Who wouldn’t want some Booty Clapper?!

I highly recommend you to check out Purplefarm Genetics and their lineup and see which ones will work for you and your cannabis needs.

Hit me up on IG @torontowill.mrc and let me know what you think of the strain Booty Clapper or other products you have tried from Purplefarm Genetics.

I really look forward to trying and reviewing more products again from in the very near future.

Thanks you as always for reading our cannabis reviews at MRC and until the next one be safe, stay positive, make good choices and enjoy what you are smoking!