Born Talent returns, with a new single “U Voted 4 It” (Produced by Ichabod Crates) a/w “Magic (Remixes)” (Produced by The Avid Record Collector).

Usually Born Talent is going at wack MC’s, but in “U Voted 4 It”, he turns his attention to the current political climate, attacking inflation, gas prices, Covid fear mongering, and divisiveness being taught in schools.

Icky Crates provides a hard boom bap beat and guitar chop to set the mood. On the “Magic (Remixes)”, The ARC takes the track which was on BT’s latest “For My Listening Pleasure” LP, and completely gives it a new sound, along with some scratches to change the vibe of the song.

Along with BT’s witty verses in which he cleverly sneaks in 50+ “Magic” terms, the song is a banger!!

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IMAGE: Born Talent