Meet Wish Master U.K. artist, entrepreneur and CEO of O.R Records. The label was established in 2017 with the release the ‘Third Perspective EP’ followed up by 2018’s ‘Boom Bap To The Future’ album. Wish Master says he started O.R as a platform to help elevate and push UK Hip-Hop culture. Like and share the links below.

What was your first hip hop experience?

You will probably laugh, but the first hip hop song I heard that was hip hop was the Luniz I got 5 on it. I have older brothers and they grew up listening to rap so that was my early influences came from them. But my first purchase of hip hop myself was the Marshall Mathers LP CD.

What’s the hip hop scene like in your city?

The hip hop scene in my city is quite a small and tight-knit community everyone knows everyone. It’s growing very rapidly as Bristol is the big city to all those small towns down in the southwest. The scene is packed full of heavy hitters and wordsmiths all carving out names for their self in the UK hip hop scene.

How did you get with Blatantly Blunt?

I met Nick from Blatantly Blunt through Bailey Brown aka Axel Holy and Dabbla. We connected I also liked the work he was doing so I reached out, and we have been friends and working ever since.

Out of your catalog what’s that one joint that never fails to turn up a jam?

In terms of shows and playing out the tune that tears up any set, any place it has got to be ‘Jupiter’ ft. Gaza Glock prod. by Baileys Brown. It’s always gets a wheel up and gets the crowd moving mad with that heavy bass.

Do you have a fav spot in your city for sneakers or gear?

I’m a simple shopper, I’m just a footlocker or size type of guy. My favorite sneaker at the moment is the Air Max 96 tho.

Favorite place to rock in your city or the world?

My favorite place to play in my city is probably St. Paul’s annual carnival the atmosphere and energy is crazy. But in the world, I think I have always wanted to do Rolling Loud fest or Coachella it’s a dream of mine.

Any news, shows or events we should know about?

My debut joint album with me X Illinformed ‘COLD HARBOUR TALES’ drops Friday 10/09/21 and we dropped a new visual ‘DOSENT MATTER’ filmed by Honey JD. The album Launch Party is October 28/10/21 at the Attic Bar Bristol.

Goals for the rest of the year?

Goals for the rest of the year keep pushing and keep climbing. I would like to end the year with a ‘COLD HARBOUR TALE’ show with my live band. Watch out for us were making serious waves Wish Master & Da Embassy.

Last words or shout outs?

Love to everyone supporting and that a part of the journey, contributing to helping build and keep pushing the culture forward…

BIG SHOUT and thank you to all who was involved in the making of the new album, it is a classic and a big moment for UKHH, also big Luv to all my fans and investors supporting my hustle and purchasing my music and merchandise.

O.R RECORDS is the label and movement. We got a lot coming for you in 2022 with music from Da Regiment, Gaza Glock and a joint project from me & Billy Whizz. Check the website for updates on music, merch, and shows.

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IMAGE: Wish Master