Known for his harsh, gravelly flow and distinctive voice, Nine aka 9MM or Nine Double’s first major break was a feature on Funk Master Flex’s 1993 “Six Million Ways to Die”. You may also remember other hot singles from his ‘Nine Lives w/ A.Z.’ and ‘Cloud 9’ albums, “Whatcha Want”, “Any Emcee” “Lyin King”, “Make or Take” and one of my personal favorites “Ova Confident” which first appeared on Dj Evil Dee’s Springtime Shit 95 Tapekings mixtape. In this interview Nine tells us about his first date with hip hop, recording his latest project “King” with Germany hip hop group Snowgoons and more.

Peace Nine where’s home?

I’m from the Bronx New York.

Your first experience with hip hop culture?

I was a kid and I heard music and a lot of voices downstairs and I looked out the window of our building and I saw people playing music. Understand the Black kids and Spanish kids didn’t get along then but when I looked downstairs they were all together playing music and there was a bunch of Puerto Rican kids spinning on their heads on cardboard and it’s the first time I ever saw that hip hop culture.. I stayed in that window for hours.

Any new projects we should know about?

A few things.. right now I’m promoting the “King” album produced by Snowgoons.

How did you link up with Snowgoons?

They contacted me to be on “The 90s Are Back” song on the Snowgoons “Goon Bap” album, we just started from there. We actually started the album before we ever met face-to-face.

Can i send you a beat, do you collab with other producers.. how?

Yeah.. I collaborate with other producers. My people will tell you what to do.

Any shows or tours coming up?

Maybe doing something else but I can’t talk about it yet..

Favorite classic mixtape dj?

Tony Touch “50 Emcees” mixtape 1996!

Standout moments in your career?

The day that I realized “Whatchu Want”, was going to be a hit, it stayed in the top three on the Billboard charts 16 weeks. I got sampled by Portishead and Madonna there’s been a lot of things. I honestly love this “King” album that I did with the Snowgoons I think… I know I’ve gotten better.

Favorite super villian or hero?

Batman all day!

Last words or shout outs? Shoutouts?

Yep thanks to MRC Promotions. Last words … Help me store order to Hip Hop and if you support an artist don’t just stream or download for free actually buy their music.

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