How did it all begin?

I actually started writing poetry and wanted to be a dj. I use to take my mom’s records and try and dj with the albums she had… One day I was hanging with my homeboy and took my poetry and made a rap. Just hanging with the fellas..

How you get that name?

My boy Oh Easy was the one who gave me the name Fever. Moore fire is a play on Jessica Care More the poet. Sooooo… yea..and fire because…fire.

Out of all the tunes you have, which one ‘never fails to rock a party?

My song “Gun Residue and Glitter” (from my album “DELIRIUM”) HANDS DOWN!!!

New music we should know about?

“The Future Is Female”, which is a project from Grammy award winner producer Nottz the Ruler. My collab album with my girl Pretty Bulli from Buffalo called ” Murda She Wrote”, soon to be announced on my next album “Iron Chic”.

Funniest thing that ever happened at an event, party or studio?

Funniest thing I did was a house concert. I ended up rapping in a kitchen. And our vip area was someone’s living room. All love tho. LOL. But hilarious to me.

Do you listen to the radio in New York? Who?

I don’t really listen to the radio. I usually stream from tidal. or Spotify..

Some goals you hope to accomplish this year?

Having my music reach more and more ears. More touring/ performing in music festivals definitely.

Favorite spot(s) in Brooklyn to hear real hip hop?

I use to frequent this venue called 5 Spot, that was pre-pandemic..

Are you open to collabs with other artists and how should they contact?

Absolutely, I can be contacted by email: and my Instagram.

Thoughts on weed being legal in NYC?

Weed being legal in NYC. Finally!!!! LOL I’m all for it as long as it’s done responsibly and properly.

Any hidden skills we should know about?

I’m building my acting resume. I am a really good cook. Very Arts’n’crafts-y….I love creating new crafts.

Lasts words or shouts?

First and foremost, ALWAYS God/The Universe, because without him none of this is possible. I wanna shout out the team for the love and support.

Shout out to Brooklyn. Salute to Eny Brooklyn my home. Shout out of hip hop over all. I found love in hip hop. And i love it here!!! Thank you so very much!!

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IMAGE: Fever MooreFire