How long have you been emceeing/rapping?

Wrote my first verse when I was 9, I had a “rap group” with the homie down the street, we obviously weren’t up to anything substantial but it solidified my aspirations. Started hitting stages in 2001 at the Local 506 in Chapel Hill NC. Been a long road lol.

Favorite strain?

Hmmm, I wanna say Hand Of God. Tastes like a bowl of fruity pebbles.

Do you have a favorite dispensary?

Me lol.

Craziest experience with a collaboration?

Meeting Popa Wu at a show in Queens with Kenyattah Black and Vince and us going back to the stu at like 2 am back when Cult Classics was in the basement. Deuce Ellis woke up and we recorded “Popa Wu” off Deuce’s album “Goodbye Blue Monday” on the spot.

New music we should know about?

Ketamine Cowboy is my new EP with Contra-Bass out on all platforms as well as “Northern Lights” off of a video for it out on YouTube.

Do you do collabs, can artists contact you?

Absolutely. Best way to get up with me is via my Instagram DMs @stank_nitty

Any shows coming up?

Sept 10 we have the Ketamine Cowboy album release at the CC88 Gallery at 173 Powers st. Brooklyn New York!!

If you was a sneaker what would you be?

Some custom leopard print and weed leaf vans.

Favorite cereal growing up?

Cocoa Pebbles for sure.

Goals for the rest of year?

Keep building my brand and engage personally with as many of my fans as possible. Also a 700 credit score.

Last words or shouts??

So much more to come. Shouts to CC88 Gallery it’s like nowhere else you’ve ever been. Come to the show and see. To everyone who appreciates what I do, I love y’all.

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IMAGE: Stank Nitty