Bub Rock returns with his latest LP, A Peace of Mine, 14 tracks of thought-provoking and personal content for the 31 year old emcee. The Long Island emcee provides his depth of lyricism and well-rounded beat selection with his 2nd LP of 2020.

Riding off his critically-acclaimed The Rock Period LP of July 2020, Bub Rock brings a focus and intent on this album that most artists are afraid to address. Tackling issues of depression and anxiety, mortality and the deaths of close friends, Bub finds a space to release his thoughts, allowing fans and listeners to hear a unique vulnerability and a singular talent the likes of which we are lucky to see once a generation.

The album features production from Foulmouth, Trox, Big Daddy Chop, The Standouts, AP, Don Carrera, Wavy Da Ghawd, JOD, and Backpack Beatz. In addition is executive produced by Alex “P80” Parks of Deeplyrootedhiphop.com. Bub finds the nostalgia amidst many of the 80’s R&B vibes, evident in all his releases, with this being no exception.

The title track shows Bub Rock unleashing his overwhelmed mind over a vibrant and pulsating Trox beat. To stay focused on all the issues at hand, Bub intentionally limited the features on A Peace of Mine, which showcases frequent guest-stars Rim and Ty Farris and also a dope nostalgic verse from Bang Belushi. Bub Rock unleashes a piece of himself for his fans and for his own “Peace of Mine.” Check it out now for digital download and streaming.

1. “King Bub Rock 2″ prod by Backpack Beatz
2. “Saucey” Feat. Rim prod by Big Daddy Chop
3. “Peace of Mine” prod by Trox
4. “LXVE” prod by Trox
5. “Pagne” Feat. Bang Belushi prod by J.O.D.
6. “Drunk Luv” prod by Big Daddy Chop
7. “T Forever” prod by Trox
8. “Recalibrate” prod by The Standouts
9. “2 Way Street” prod by Don Carrera
10. “Black Hole” prod by FoulMouth 11 “Palo Santo Freestyle” prod by Big Daddy Chop
11. “Take Care” Feat. Ty Farris prod by FoulMouth
12. “For Better” prod by AP
13. “10/5 (Trophy)” prod by Wavy Da Ghawd

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