For this review we are going to be trying and reviewing some concentrate from Solvent7ess. At this point I have tried quite a few of their products.

I have been very happy with what I have tried from them so far. They do have quite a few products that they offer with their line-up which you can check out at Cafe at one of their five locations in Toronto.

I still haven’t been to one of their locations in person yet, but I hope to do that soon when I have some time. The concentrate that we will be trying and reviewing from Solvent7ess today is their Cali Gas Terp Slushy.

I have tried a few other of the Terp Slushy concentrates and they were pretty good so I’m sure that this will be the same as the others. The strain Cali Gas also known as Cali Gas OG is an indica-dominate hybrid strain from crossing the strains P Star OG and Lemon Crush together.

I can’t remember if I have tried the strain Cali Gas but it does sound pretty good so I am hoping it makes good concentrate. For this batch of Cali Gas Terp Slushy there is no information about the THC, CBD or Terpene profiles found for this concentrate.

The concentrate does come in an easy to open and close container that all of the Solvent7ess products have and come in. Since there is nothing to roll I can get started with the 3 dab challenge and see what this concentrate can really do.

I made sure to clean my rig today knowing I would be doing a review. So with a freshly cleaned rig I am ready to take my first dab. The first dab that I took was pretty nice and wasn’t too harsh as I didn’t cough that much. The flavour profile was also really nice on the exhale.

My second that I took was a bit bigger and for sure had more of a kick to it. This dab was also much harsher than the first one I took as I cough a lot more this time. Even though I was just starting to feel the high I still had one more to go and I’m sure I will be feeling pretty good on the last dab.

The final dab was by far the best one that I had taken. On the exhale I did get a very intense full body buzz that lasted for a few seconds. I am feeling pretty good at this point and enjoying the high. It does have a slight heaviness to it but nothing that would make you pass out.

My overall view of the Cali Gas Terp Slushy by Solvent7ess is I am very happy with this one as well. The high is great but I also feel very calm and relaxed and just feel like chilling and taking it easy.

I feel this would be great for having a chill night with a few friends or alone taking a few dabs playing video games, watching a movie or being creative in some way.

You can’t go wrong as this was only $25 CAD for the 1 gram and it does hit pretty hard with a great high. I think if you enjoy dabbing this will be a great choice as it does have a bit of heaviness to it but also a great high for taking it easy and chilling.

Solvent7ess does have a quality line-up of products with amazing prices for what you are getting as they could clearly charge more if they wanted to.

If you haven’t heard of or had the chance to check out Solvent7ess as I would highly recommend it and see what they can do for you. I haven’t had a chance to try everything from them yet but I’m pretty sure I will be pretty happy when I do try the last few.

Hit me up on IG @torontowill.mrc and let me know what you think of the Cali Gas Terp Slushy or other products you have tried from Solvent7ess before.

Thanks for reading our cannabis reviews and other content at MRC and until the next one be safe, stay positive, make good choices and enjoy what you are smoking!