Fresh Kils is in a world of his own when it comes to making dope beats in his live performances. His prowess on the MPC has seen him share the stage with many of hip hop’s legends (Nas, De La Soul) as well as the best of the underground. Currently he is working a new solo album and producing his new ‘Fresh Kils Trio’ web series called “Padlife”.

Peace Fresh Kils where you from?

Toronto is my home, was born and raised here.

How did you get in business?

I had been doing “professional” work in Halifax, running a small studio setup there, but I didn’t officially become a full time professional until after my internship with K-Cut (of the Main Source), in Toronto in 2002.

Did you have mentors to teach you how to program beats?

My friends and I pretty much taught ourselves how to make beats, but my process and classical training in music helped. That being said, I had mentors over the years who helped me become better; Sixtoo, K-Cut (who taught me the MPC), Agile (of Brassmunk)

For those not familiar with your sound what should they go listen too?

My work on The Extremities’ “The Mint Condition”, Rel McCoy’s “The 13th Floor” and Fraction & Fresh Kils’ best exemplifies my sound as a record producer. As a live performer & fingerdrummer, I’d say my Price is Right routine is the most popular.

How would you describe the hip hop scene in Toronto?

Currently the hip hop is in Toronto is both thriving and in constant flux. The gravity of the OVO and XO camps (Drake and The Weeknd respectively) have fostered a push in artists towards more pop and r&b sounds. The beat scene is flourishing both in the lofi and edm genres. There’s so much going on, and so much young talent, that its very exciting.

Any shows or tours coming up?

I am currently off the road pursuing other endeavours: my first solo album, the new Fresh Kils Trio, my web series “Padlife”, community and studio work.

Favorite drum machine or studio gear you cant live without?

Can’t live without my Akai MPC Live.

Most standout moment doing your career?

When 2 of the 5 JUNO nominated records for Hip Hop Recording of the Year in 2012 were produced and engineered by me, my career completely changed. It was a moment that all my peers, family and friends could recognize as a real accomplishment.

Dope spots (clubs, pubs, record stores, coffee shop) in Toronto to hear underground hip hop?

The Subtle Blend monthly (various locations), Wax & Samplers at Dundas Video, $5 Rap Show at Handlebar

Last words or shout outs?

I want to shout out my folks, without who’s support I never would have gotten this far.

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EDITOR: La Mont Reed
IMAGE: Fresh Kills