What is your background where are you originally from?

I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. My family is originally from the Philippines and unfortunately it has been way too long since I’ve visited the motherland.

I urge to go back and explore the beautiful scenery and dig deep into the origin of my family ancestry.

How does living in Toronto influence your music?

Toronto is so culturally diverse and it has definitely impacted my music in a way where I have connected with beautiful energy from all over the world through a variety of musical genres that vibe with my mind, body and spirit.

Growing up I’ve listened to a lot of pop/rock love songs.. on the radio & karaoke nights with family. Later on I’ve been introduced to hip hop/rap/r&b/reggae/soca music & more from my peers and also the music TV station “MUCHMUSIC” which is a staple in Toronto music media.

The inspiration is endless.. also the pain of life’s challenges in the city are always activating songs out of me.

How would you describe your sound.. you freestyle, rap, sing and do trap? Are people surprised to see your versatility when it comes beats & rhyme flow?

The style of my music is literally “Champ’s Pain” which is my brand. I would describe it as dark, sexy and lyrically inclined. The flows just come naturally when intense emotions are present. When I hear a beat.. and it aligns with my feelings.. the ink on the paper starts spilling.

One of the most priceless feelings is showing up at a show where no one knows who you are… then when you touch the mic with your magic… the crowd is in utter shock and vibing instantly with your energy. I miss performing LIVE for real. The impact in the flesh is unmatched.

I’m quite unpredictable when it comes to my rhyme schemes and melodies… it literally sparks my soul when I see their eyes & ears light up from their first time reaction listening to the track. They have no idea what I’ve been through for this song to come to life. When they ask me to play it again… I’m honoured for real. I LOVE IT.

Anything you’d change about the game or industry? Hurdles?

Good question. As an independent artist, the hurdles are always there as you’re establishing your own blueprint in the game. From creating music, to educating yourself in the music business, to creatively consistently marketing your music, to living your day to day life making a living and this and that… it can definitely weigh heavy on the mind, body and spirit.

To a certain extent, the game has been established and the industry is forever changing…especially with how technology is affecting our daily livelihoods. In terms of what I would change? I mean… I understand the game can be quite competitive like an artistic sport, but the feeling of envy and jealousy should be eliminated.

I know every artist has their own unique message and sound… and there is a fanbase out there waiting for them.

Favorite Toronto producer(s)? Worldwide?

Toronto Producers? I’m currently creating songs with a real dope producer by the name of I.Z. His beats are a variety of fire flames… and the work ethic in his passion is so evident. His catalogue of work is astounding!

RudeBoy beats brings a unique soulful sound out of me and I love it… his beats are in a unique category of their own. David Marcus is from Winnipeg, Canada and I’ve made a song with one of his beats recently which gives me a modern/nostalgic R&B 90’s feel and it’s one of my favourite songs I’ve ever made.

ExtraMedium Beats is a producer from Chicago and the one I’ve made my first 6 track EP with.. his beats are on another level. It has a soulful/trap/hiphop/cinematic feel.

The theme of his art has allowed me to tell my story and express myself unapologetically. All the producers I’ve worked with… all my favourites. Worldwide producers? Timbaland and Dr. Dre are definitely kings in this game… and way more for sure.

Favorite Filipino rapper?

To be honest, it is only recently that I have discovered fellow Filipino rappers which was a total shock to me that I was not aware of the major talent Filipino artists have out here in Hip Hop/Rap.. the flows and the Tagalog lyrical fire spitting actually blows my mind.

Hmmm…. this is a hard pick. If I had to choose? Umm.. my favorite Filipino rapper.. would be myself.

That can be a tricky answer, because I have yet to rap fluently in Tagalog. Big ups to the Filipino rappers/groups in Canada for real.. and all over the world. Y’all are so dope and inspire me for real!

What are some big events to go to in your area?

Right now, not much. A couple years back and beyond there was “DEAD POET”.. a variety open mic/showcase in Toronto where super talented local artists, poets, musicians would come together and vibe out… I’ve had the honour to perform at this event a few times.

“SAUGASA” & “SAKOP” were the last two Filipino Hip Hop/Rap showcases that were run by our Filipino Hip Hop Community and those were HUGE HITS! All the performers were so high energy and the crowd was on another level!

In general, we are blessed to have big events occur on a regular basis due to the high amount of creative energy we have here in our city.

Favorite Filipino dish??

Fun fact. I’ve been meat free since 2017.. but I do eat seafood sometimes. So I guess I’m a pescatarian? What that being said, my favourite Filipino dish might have to be.. SALMON SINIGANG GANG!! SO SARAP FOR REAL!

I’ve also recently learned how to make a “TOFU SISIG” dish which is THE BOMB! I can literally eat that everyday.

I definitely miss ADOBO and LONGANISA though!

Hidden Talents??

Hmm… spinning a basketball with my fingertips. Sketching portraits… I made one of Tupac and Michael Jackson back in the day but sadly lost my sketchbooks.

Last Words Or Shouts??

Utilise your pain to fuel the fire in you. Shout out to all the dope creators I’ve collaborated with.. Coco Leah, Brizz, Xentury, Double D King David, Raygee, Xavier, VZN, Keane Eye Productions, DJ Mercilless & so so much more!

Shout out to everyone doing your thing and impacting the world with your organic energy! BOOOOM! Thanks MRC for this interview! N3S!!

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