Where’s home?

Peterborough, Ontario about an hour and a halfish outside of Toronto.

How did you get into rapping?

Always been into music since I was a kid, played most instruments since i was very young. First hip-hop tape was Ice- T “Power”. Then got into Stretch and Bobbito and discovered more. Started freestyling and beatmaking around 96 and it’s been on ever since then.

Which emcees or beatmakers inspire you the most??

As far as Mcs, I’ll say Cage, Ice-T, Brotha Lynch Hung, Kurupt, Sean Price, Del, Rbx, Mr. Eon, Sicx, Tame One, too many more to name.

Beatmakers I’ll say Alchemist, Havoc, J-zone, Molemen, L’Orange, my dog BK BONEZ for always having something interesting going, Preemo, Lord Finesse, Dre, Scott Storch, Phonk Beta, Daz, Juicy J, Dj Quik, Pete Rock, Mighty Mi. I am inspired by myself also, you kinda gotta be.

Favorite tracks or album from your catalog?

The Relic and Corridors of Rhyme are probably my two favorite albums, but I dig everything I’ve ever done because it’s always true to myself.

Any favorite record sample(s) or breaks you just love to freestyle to?

Not into giving away my sample info but I will say I freestyle to the old Mad One “Dimension” instrumental a lot.

Hidden skills???

Playing piano, guitar, bass, drums, whatever else is needed. Gimme an accordion, ill tear the shit up. Some people also might not know that I do vocals in various metal bands and have been playing in metal bands since I was a kid. Oh and I have been skateboarding since 95 also.

Best place to perform a hip hop gig in your area?

My favorite venue where I live is The Gordon Best Theater, hands down.

Best hip hop gig you ever did, where was it?

Probably The Gordon Best, or the Red Dog used to be tight. Some dope shows at Papas Billards also over the years.

Favorite strain??

Ah thats a hard one. Probably a 3 way tie between Blue Dream, True UK Cheese and Alcopolco Gold. Big Sativa fan.

Last words or shout outs?

Props to you for doing the interview, appreciate it. Shout out to everyone who supports my constant output of work and cops physicals, resulting in it all selling out.

Shout out to my family and extended family. Massive shout out to my wife, Dee and all her hard work in music and providing me with more drive. Shouts to the haters too for the rent-free space in their heads.

Shout out to BK Bonez, the GWC (Grave Wax Crew), Marz One, Emerg da MC, Kabal, ILLtemper, QC, Zillah. Rest in Power Scott Bluntz and Big Soel One. Peace to anyone who I may have forgot. One!

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