Welcome to Indico, where innovation meets cultivation in Denver Colorado. Its a pioneering award winning facility, led by co-owner Owen Miller, and sets the standard for Cannabis excellence, boasting the first double-tier, all-LED grow operation in the state ..

Indico is more than just a cultivation space—it’s a hub for cannabis and music. Owen, with his roles spanning cultivation, sales, marketing, promos, and even DIY everything, curates an audio experience like no other. This Q&A offers an insightful glimpse into Indico, conducted by MRC Promo1 with co-owner Owen Miller.

How does the environment of your grow lab enhance the experience for cannabis cultivation?

Our cultivation facility enhances the experience for the cannabis cultivator in many ways. First thought, being how incredibly clean and next level the facility is. We are blessed to work in one of the first double tier, all LED Grow in Colorado, and one of the first in the United States.

At Indico, we are all about Cannabis and music. We are constantly playing music inside of the facility. And we have guest DJs come through to play for our audio Terp series on YouTube.

Explain Audio Terps? Is there an Audio Terps Tour?

Audio Terps! Audio Terps to me, is two different things. Audio Terps can occur when you are listening to music and maybe you might have chills run through your spine. Or possibly get goosebumps all over your whole body or just feel incredible while listening to music! That is an audio Terp!

I feel like the other definition is when you play music inside of the grow lab for your plants, resulting in happier plants with better yields and tri chrome production! Resulting in Audio Terps!!

We don’t generally do tours for the public! But we have toured the facility to many people. If you are lucky, you can come by!

Audio Terps Feat. DJ NOTCH Pt. 3 (Live Mixtape from Indico, Colorado)

How do you pick the Djs that spin or what type of sessions or playlists? Is it a group effort? How do you get booked?

We’d like to have guest DJs, come through and play for the plants! We have had several local Colorado turntablist DJs as well as some other acts from all over! Gary Dread from the Movement Band did a reggae set which was incredible!

Some people have contacted us wanting to come through and some we have reached out to. There is no specific science on what artists come through! we just use our stoner sixth sense!

Can you share some memorable moments or stories from a session? Who are the regulars that spin? Famous??

One of the most memorable moments to me is when Dj Nikka T came through, and did a set for the ladies. Nikka T is a world renowned hash maker, who spreads his knowledge all over the world, showing people how to make high end Solventless extracted products! He is also an incredible Dj and tours all over the world. Shoutouts to Nikka T! Bless Up!

Sensi Sessions Feat. Nikka-T Vol 2

How has the community or the locals responded to this cannabis and music space? Online??

We have created quite the following with our audio Terps series. Everywhere we go people comment on how cool they think it is that we play music for the plants or how sick they think it is that DJs come through and play! Music is one thing that connects everyone, so it works well with Cannabis. Plus, who doesn’t just love to blaze trees and listen to incredible music? I know I do. I know anyone out there, who is a lover of the ganja agrees!

Our very first video got about 350,000 views and is still getting viewed out there now. But, unfortunately, with the algorithms that work against Cannabis on Instagram, we have had several accounts shut down. We grew to about 75,000 followers on our first account.

We had so much engagement, And people were incredibly hyped on the audio Terp sets! But unfortunately, with those algorithms, we lost account after account trying to maneuver through a new social media world. Currently we sit at about 3500 followers compared to 75,000. Tell Friend to tell a friend lol! We will still make this content that we believe in and love.

Audio Terps Feat. DJ NOTCH Vol 2 (Live Mixtape)

Have you ever had any legal problems with being a licensed and compliant cannabis business in Colorado? What are some hurdles?

As far as legal and regulatory issues. Yes, we face that daily. The reason why I say that is is our Industry is incredibly way over taxed! I like to say that the cannabis industry is taxed, not legal. We are taxed way more than any other business which in my mind is illegal and just a way to take advantage of growers and cannabis industry professionals.

It’s time we all work together and take a stand against the government trying to over tax Cannabis! As far as being compliant. We follow all the regulatory rules and hoops that you have to jump through in order to be a compliant business.

Sensi Sessions Feat. DJ A-L PT. 3

Who in your opinion has the best herb scene in the country?? Hip Hop?? Is Denver still relevant??

In my opinion, the best cannabis scene is right here in Colorado. I feel it takes certain markets a little while to achieve quality and consistency. When I first moved to Colorado in 2015, the quality of flower on the shelves was mids/shwag levels in some shops that didn’t recognize quality.

Luckily, I feel now connoisseurs are looking out for better. Products, and intern growers are more knowledgeable. But, with the oversaturation of retail shops and cultivators, unfortunately, that results in overstock of product, and the quality goes down.

What the state needs to do is start regulating how many businesses can operate in the state that way cultivators like ourselves can make a better living and continue to do this going forward. In an oversaturated market, where everyone is racing to the bottom we are still trying to grow the absolute best ganja possible and not cut corners.

The best hip-hop scene? I’ve lived on all coasts, so I have to say that the best hip-hop scene is just strictly in the United States!! I love East Coast, West Coast and the South! Massive shout out to Houston!

Chopped N Turnt Feat. Dj Thriller Vol 2 (Slowed Down Mixtape

How do you see cannabis culture and music evolving, and do you feel your apart of shaping that (R)evolution?

I feel like Cannabis and music is always going to evolve! There are so many different creative things that you could do around both. The possibilities are endless. Do I feel like we are shaping the evolution of cannabis and music? yes.

If you see somebody else doing Dj sets in their garden, they probably saw us do it first! There will always be biters out there! We are excited to be involved in more live music experiences and social cannabis events going forward in Colorado!!