Nothing but classic hip-hop vibes from Can’t Be Copied “Real Art Real Experiences” by K.A.O.$. Da Rowdy MC and Mr Roka. Their debut album reflects real-life experiences, honoring the true values of real Hip Hop culture.

Check out the lyrical madness of K. A.O.$. Da Rowdy MC as he delivers crazy wordplay, alongside the otherworldly production skills of the UK’s Mr Roka, complemented by the scratching and cutting genius of DJ Stanton Miles. It’s the perfect recipe for pure dopeness.

“No Parental Advisory badges needed, and absolutely no BS promoted—just unadulterated boombap Hip Hop.”

Purposefully absent from mainstream streaming platforms. Get your exclusive 16-track release directly from CBC Hip Hop at

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1. Skit 1 0:32

2. Soulatifide 3:32

3. Skit 2 0:28

4. Hitting Hard (Feat. DJ Stanton Miles) 3:36

5. Skit 3 (Feat. DJ Stanton Miles) 0:38

6. Reup Pt 2 (Feat. DJ Stanton Miles) 3:45

7. Power To Change 3:08

8. Struggle 3:08

9. Skit 4 0:26

10. Figure It Out 3:37

11. Skit 5 0:32

12. Vandals 3:28

13. Skit 6 0:36

14. The Students 4:02

15. Say It Phunky (Feat. DJ Stanton Miles) 3:19

16. Speak My Mind 3:33