Tragedy can be a tough mountain to climb over. Some are left hopelessly wishing the door to pain will close and never reopen.

Others, like Celso, use the pain caused from a passing loved one to fuel their creative outlet. How many of us wished we could remember our last conversation with someone we cared about? Or be able to listen to it on repeat just to get back the essence of the person’s existence?

Celso was able to do this for himself on this Mydus produced melodic journey called ‘Someday’, also featuring the dulcet tones of singer Jessica Totaro.

After the passing of his friend/little brother due to a drug overdose, Someday recalls the worries that plagued Celso’s fallen comrade and his attempt to seek advice to improve himself and his circumstances.

With lines like “Remember what you’re doing and the dreams you are pursuing, remember that the sun is always up for your viewing” it’s clear that while dark times may hover over us, if you look out into the distance, a better day will undoubtedly come…Someday!

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IMAGE: Celso