Today we are trying another product from Growtown. For this review we are going to try their Chem Cookies.

This looks interesting as there is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), Cannabidiol (CBD) and Cannabigerol (CBG) all in this flower.

The last thing I tried from my care package from Growtown was their Three Amigos pre rolls. So I am excited to try something new from them since they were kind to send me a few samples of their products.

I’m not sure if I have tried this strain before over the years. So hopefully this will be another one that I will enjoy.

Chem Cookies is an indica-dominate strain from crossing Chemdawg #4 and Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) together. This strain is known for its euphoric high and some say this strain is for more experienced smokers.

This batch of Chem Cookies is 30.6% THC, 1.1% CBG, less than 1% CBD and 1.95% terpenes in this flower.

The terpene profiles are b-Myrcene (0.61%), d-Limonene (0.45%), b-Caryophyllene (0.27%), a-Humulene (0.20%), t-Nerolidol (0.13%) and b-Pinene (0.07%).

The container that the flower comes in is pretty easy to open and close. Once it’s opened the aroma from the HQ (Half Quarter/3.5 grams) of flower is very interesting.

The buds looked amazing, and are covered in trichomes and were trimmed perfectly. You can tell a lot of care went into the growing process and the final stages before it’s off to customers

So far this stuff is looking amazing and I hope after smoking it, I can still say the same thing.

I rolled most of the flower into a decent size blunt which was easy to roll with. Now I was ready to smoke and see what this flower is really about.

The blunt smoked for around 25 minutes or so with no canoeing (burning uneven) and also had a very interesting flavour while smoking.

After smoking I was really feeling it but when I started to write this review I for sure did. It was a very interesting high for sure that lasted awhile after smoking.

There was a very interesting tingleling head high with the same pretty relaxing and calming body high. This was for sure a different high than other strains offer.

My overall view of the Chem Cookies from Growtown is that everyone should try this flower if you can! I am really starting to love strains that have CBG in them.

I think the combination of high THC and CBG is an amazing combination that makes for a much more interesting high and experience. As a medical user I will for sure be buying this product in the future as I think this has a lot to offer.

I think people with a higher tolerance will enjoy this flower and what it can do for them as even at just 30.6% THC it’s pretty impressive.

People with a lower tolerance get ready to get high as shit as this will turn you into a giggling red eyed mess in no time. My only complaint with the Chem Cookies is that I need more!

So don’t sleep on this product. I can’t wait to try a stronger batch of this and other products now!

Big shout outs to Growtown on this product and as always everyone no matter where you are be safe, be positive and enjoy what you are smoking.

By T-Will