The verses on Christoughfur “Pockets” are steeped in smoking references and reflections, like in the hook line, “Pockets on some swollen ish, Hotter than some stolen ish, all you see is smoke come out the soon as I open it”..

Along with a banging beat, witty lyricism, and smoked out visuals, ‘Pockets’ is a standout and is the first single release off his upcoming debut EP “Last Drop Liquor”, produced by Manuel Joseph Walker, better known as Foliage.

Christopher Madrid, known professionally as Christoughfur, cut his teeth growing up rapping in the streets of San Bernardino, CA.

Living as an unrecognized talent, Madrid met indie-rock extraordinaire Manuel Joseph Walker, better known as Foliage, and Walker immediately proposed the idea of working together.

An unlikely duo, they began working on their debut project “Last Drop Liquor”.

Inspired by a plethora of hip-hop greats ranging from the boom-bap callings of Gang Starr, J Dilla, and Slim Shady, the art-pop of N.E.R.D., as well as the progressive nature of Kendrick Lamar and Freddie Gibbs, the duo’s debut dives into a grimier, underground representation of the notorious San Bernardino, reminiscent of boom-bap revivalists Griselda Records and Pro Era.

In 2023, Christoughfur makes his debut as an artist worth paying attention to, blending lyrics pertaining to struggles of street life, drug abuse, and poverty over Foliage’s soulful, progressive, and drug-laden production and instrumentals.

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