Two underground forces, Upstate, NY artists Joey Majors and Eto, are set to unleash their new fury, the “Plausible Deniability” EP.

The journey begins with a series of singles building up to the EP’s release. The first single they unleashed was “Glow,” featuring the smooth R&B vocals of singer J’Rell. And “Power,” a summertime banger that features the gritty flow of FlashIsHipHop followed up by “King Arthur.”

August 7th, the title track, “Plausible Deniability,” was released, followed up by the full EP on August 10th. With appearances from the likes of Big Yount, Mooch (da cloth), Tiki, Messiah Kaine, David Ruffin, and even a surprise from visit from Thanos Beats, consider this a chapter in the book of dopeness.

Eto’s rap and beat production wizardry, mixed with Joey’s lyrical genius, basically seals the deal on this one!

“Plausible Deniability” speaks volumes, addressing life’s struggles and triumphs. This EP will be released on August 10, 2023, support these artists on your preffered streaming service.