Columbus, Ohio veteran emcee P-Flame is featured in Jamaican artists Excel Black’s new video ‘Proud’ which is doing really well.. we ask him who put his city on the map.. he gives his take on the matter. He also drops new music and has a video on the way from his newly release ‘N.O.M. (Narrator Of Mind)’ available on most DSP’s… you can peep the back cover tracklisting below..

Was P-Flame always your name?

No my name was P-Dub back in 1996 when I first entered the game, I came out on Rhythm & Ghettos debut album “Da Last Resort”.

Your first breakout hit?

First break out hit was ‘Fuck 107.5’ it went viral in the city of Columbus due to the radio showing no love to its city’s own artist, so it was “Mutha Fuck em”!

Tell us about the hit track ‘Proud’ how did it happen?

The track “Proud” is by Jamaica’s own Excel Black who is a one in a billion phenomenal artist who featured me on his track off a conversation we had about the world, he decided to honor me on the track and it’s taking off pretty well!

What video are you dropping next from new your album?

The next video I’m going to drop off N.O.M. (Narrator Of Mind) is “I’m a Moor”.

Any radio, podcast or online blogs rocking your music?

Yes Mam Radio from out of California operated by 4Deuce AKA Maria Barrett a few others and you guys!

How has Columbus responded to your new releases?

I know Columbus is loving the track ‘Proud’ right now by my fam Excel Black…

What’s next for you how has covid affected your hustle?

Covid is Fake as fuck its chemical warfare declared on the masses of the people for population control. If anything this “Plandemic” has enhanced my mercury thoughts of creativity to go inside a cell within a cell to exert my astrocytes for productivity.

Columbus is known for the 2X2 hip hop festival, in your opinion what rapper, emcee or dj put the city on the map?

DJ Kid Magic. He is a legend of Columbus hip hop.. without Dj Kid magic there wouldn’t be no Columbus hip hop. Dj Kid Magic Rock is the pioneer of hip hop from Columbus along with DJ Prime.

Drink or smoke?

No drink or smoke all pure spirit from this cypher!

Last words or shout outs??

Shout out to the whole world of Asiatic beings on this planet, and a shout my city Columbus and the whole state of the O, on em tho.. peace and love to the NOI Nation of God’s and Earth, Hebrew Israelite, and all the Moors across the globe for uplifting fallen humanity.

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