Above video BboY Cis vs. Desmonster (Top16)- Red Bull Bc One Holland Cypher 2024

“Today, we cover the story of BBoy Desmonster, hailing from Breda, a city nestled in the province of North Brabant, Netherlands. Desmonster’s fascination with handstands started his path into the world of bboying. With his mother’s support, he began a quest that would shape his identity and carve a niche for him in the Dutch bboy scene and beyond.”

How did you first get into in bboying?

The first time I got involved was because of my mom, I was a little kid around three or four.. who always wanted to do handstands and my mother told me there was this place where i can get break dancing lessons, since then i’ve never thought of quitting and it became one of the most important things in my life.

Describe the bboy scene in the Netherlands compared to other countries?

The bboy scene in the Netherlands is for me one of the best scenes out there, we have some really high level bboy’s for example: Menno, Lee, Ozzi, Kid Colombia etc. It’s a blessing to be a part of this scene.

Do you have a signature move?

Yes I got a signature move, it’s called “ Revolver “ It’s a move that was created at crashfest. It came out of nowhere since I wanted to do a 2000 but I placed my arm a bit too far and then I kinda fell into this crazy position with my arms behind my neck and now I’ve masterd it.

BBoY Desmonster Top16 Red Bull Bc One Holland Cypher 2024 (Edit)

Leon & Lunatic Vs Desmonster & Black-j | Golden Round | World Breaking Classic 2023

Any major events or competitions you’re preparing for this year?

For now I am preparing for Breakmission, Undisputed ( IBE ), Outbreak and Porto. I hope i will be able to go to all these!

Biggest bboy events held in the Netherlands?

The biggest events held in the Netherlands for me are Redbull Bcone and IBE.

Biggest bboy events you’ve competed in?

The biggest bboy events I’ve competed in: Battle of the Year, Redbull Bcone Holland Cypher, IBE Crew’s and Undisputed and Outbreak.

Thoughts on bboying in major events like the Olympics?

The Olympics and bboying It’s pretty cool in my opinion, I think its a big opportunity to show the world who we are since bboying is quite underground!

Any last words or shout outs??

My last words for this interview are, always believe in yourself and never give up on dreams or goals you want to achieve, finding balance is one of the important things and it will help you a lot with achieving your goals!

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