CRIMEAPPLE’s “Viridi Panem” is a deep dive into the complex dynamics of the eternal paper chase. “It’s a conceptual piece about capitalism, greed and excess,” says the charismatic heavy-bearded New Jersey-based MC, who adds that the album’s title translates from Latin into “Green Bread.” The eight track project rolls out like a modern film noir starring a protagonist making connections with models in Medellín, splurging through fine dining scenarios, and navigating his way through a cast of aspirational characters lured into a clandestine contraband realm.

CRIMEAPPLE’s new project “Viridi Panem” is produced by Buck Dudley. The EP can be purchased through Fatbeats Records.

1. Initium
2. Lupos
3. Entenmann’s
4. D’Angelo Vickers
5. Alium
6. Phil Spectre
7. Dead Gringos
8. Time To Go

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ARTICLE: Fatbeats
EDITOR: La Mont Reed