Peace DA Donnieboy where you from and where is home?

Peace! I’m from Detroit, Michigan, born and raised. Can’t ever imagine living too far from here. The Midwest is where I have to be.

Explain the whole concept behind ‘Roots Run Deep’???

Whenever Fro Magnum Man sends me a beat, it automatically gets my brain working. As soon as I heard the instrumental, I said “pay homage.” And I ran with that thought. The beat just called for me to show respect to hip-hop legends. The fact that I look up to so many of those guys made it easy for me to shout them out.

Out of your work what’s that one joint that never fails to turn up a jam?

Two songs come to mind. My song “I Got The Keys” on my album Dreaming Azure , and my song “Stealth Mode” on my album S3.

How did you get down, with Configaration Records?

There was a 16 bar contest that Configa hosted, and the contest was being overseen by Chuck D. I went hard, I think I finished 3rd in that contest, and Fro Magnum Man finished 2nd.

Configa really rocked with us and Mic Audio’s verse entries, so we got signed. Configa, myself, Fro and Mic are now part of a group called Apostles Of Rhyme. It was a blessing.

What are some hurdles you face as an artist in your city?

Detroit City is the city of haters, flat out. Nobody wants to see you make it, unless you’re also bringing them with you. They only accept the artists who sound like everyone else, nobody wants to hear creativity, they only want to ride the waves already created. Luckily, Detroiters don’t give up, so neither will I.

Favorite spot to hear or see hip hop in your town?

There was a place in Mt. Clemens called the Emerald Theater that used to play awesome Hip-Hop shows. There’s also the Diesel Lounge in Chesterfield and The Ritz (Hot Rocks) in Warren.

Any shows or events coming up?

Actually, yes. On October 16th I’ll be performing at the Barter in Hamtramck, and on December 3rd, I’ll be rocking out at The Diesel Lounge.

Craziest thing that ever has happened during one of your events?

I probably shouldn’t be talking about this, haha. But there was one time where while I was performing on stage, someone got shot in the crowd, bullet in the spine. It was insane…

Long term Goals?

I want to make pure lyricism COOL again. Remember back when Notorious B.I.G, 2Pac, Bone Thugz, Nas, Wu-Tang, etc. When real RAPPERS were on the radio and all over the tv screen? That. I want to make that the normal thing again. I want rappers to be scared to pick up a mic if they aren’t spectacular with their pen game.

Last words or shout outs?

Support real hip-hop! This is a dying breed, we need your support…you are our life blood! Me, Configa, Fro Magnum Man, Mic Audio, I-Ronik, Keke Majora, Bugaboo Beats, 130 Dirt, and so many other artists are out here trying to change the world with our pure talent and hard work. Help us help you! Peace!!

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IMAGE: DA Donnieboy