Dark Side of the Moon are an Underground Hip Hop super-group from the UK consisting of Flowtecs, Menace Mendoza, Dragon Priest, Nomad, Dr.Voodoo (aka Tom Ryan) & Jonny Data…

Names that are synonymous with the UK Hip Hop scene for their unparalleled lyrical ability and an uncompromisingly gritty sound.

Following on from 2018’s cult classic ‘The Echo Chamber’ the group finally return with a brand new album ‘7th’ on Hidden Identity Productions.

The album can boast of guest appearances by Hip Hop heavyweights Killah Priest & Ray Vendetta in addition to superbly crafted production by 7th Dan, Kashmere, Micall Parknsun, Ded Tebiase and more.

‘7th’ is the embodiment of classic, underground Hip Hop…

Back-to-back displays of vivid penmanship depicting gritty subject matter, masterfully depicted over sample-based, drum-heavy production combining flawlessly to ensure that Dark Side of the Moon claim their rightful place at the pinnacle of Underground Hip Hop.

1. 7th Data Intro 01:19
2. Brain Splatter 03:23
3. D.S.O.T.M. (Feat. Ray Vendetta) 04:35
4. The Rain (Feat. Ray Vendetta) 03:28
5. Shrunken Head 03:57
6. Mushroom Clouds 04:01
7. Paradigm Shift 05:54
8. The Phantasm Pt 2 (Inception) 02:54
9. The Watchtower (Feat. Killah Priest & Ray Vendetta) 05:43
10. Celestial Space Funk 06:10
11. D.R.U.G.S. 05:00
12. Equipage (Feat. Ray Vendetta) 02:37
13. The World Ender (Feat. Ray Vendetta) 06:48

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IMAGE: Dark Side of The Moon