Hailing from Southern California, drawing inspiration from various genres such as Rock N Roll, 70’s soul, Oldies, Funk, Grunge, and, of course, Hip Hop, Dazer Daze latest masterpiece takes you on a sonic ride of pure dopeness.

With a knack for painting vivid pictures through his music, Dazer combines rhythmic flows with hard-hitting bangers that resonates with hardcore rap enthusiasts.

On January 20, 2023, Dazer Daze released his music project titled ‘Blurred Vision.’ The 10 track project pushes the boundaries of the cookie cutter rap prevalent in today’s music scene.

One particular gem that instantly grabbed our attention is the refreshingly invigorating track, ‘Mental Exercise.’ It’s a classic blend of real boombap, solid production, and lyrical wordplay and Dazer Daze’s unapologetic stance against rappers who lack skill and integrity.

Further enhancing the dopeness of ‘Blurred Vision’ are standout collaborations “I Remember,” featuring the vocals of Dub Fuego, a gifted singer/songwriter originally from New Orleans via San Diego, and the impressive contributions of SoCal emcee/producer Lonesome Bones.

Moreover, check “The One” another track where Dazer Daze showers listeners with a flood of hard-hitting gems of lyrical cleverness, effortlessly setting himself apart from his contemporaries.

Support Dazer Daze by streaming ‘Blurred Vision’ on your favorite music platforms and make sure to check out the music video for ‘The Time Is Now’ on YouTube.

IMAGE: Dazer Daze