Detroit aka Motor city is know for dope hip hop music. In this interview we catch up with vet artist lyricist SINN. He’s been making waves with his new collab track titled “Make It Home”. The rapper and producer explains how the track came about and more…

Where’s home?

I’m originally from Lynchburg, VA but currently reside in Detroit, Michigan.

First hip hop experience?

My first hip hop experience I would say was my first LL Cool J concert.

How did you start emceeing?

I was always good at poetry as child, then my love of the english language and music seem to form into one. I was challenged to a battle on the first day of school as a freshman by a senior, after watching the crowd reaction to what I was saying to one of the best in our school.. it gave me more confidence in my ability to continue to work on my skills as a rapper.

How long have you been working with Chill Beatz?

I would say that it has been almost 3 years now.. but because of the bond we have it’s like I’ve known him forever.

What is Devil Advocates about?

Devilz Advocates is a group of artist that are blessed and cursed with musical skills. A talented group of individuals who can produce quality product time after time.

Are you also a manager do you have a marketing team?

I am part of a team that strictly focuses on getting the job done. I have a marketing team and a partner which allows me to assist in whatever role that is needed. We do not allow titles or egos to hinder the goal.

What is the message on “Make It Home” and how did you link with Rita?

The message is simply no matter what we are going thru in life or out in these streets we all have someone at home that wants us to make it home or that we want to make it home to. I linked up with Rita thru her husband Omar and we did my first single off Ryder Music Vol. 1 called “Warrior”.. I felt what better way to start things off then to start Ryder Music Vol. 2 off with Rita.

Any tours or shows coming??

The team is currently working on getting those scheduled soon.

Favorite old school artists dj/emcees, mixtapes?

My favorite old school artists, Rakim, LL Cool J, Biggie, Pac, Jay-Z, DJ Kid Capri, Wu-tang Clan, My favorite old school album would have to be the Chronic and the first Fugees album simply for the production alone.

Last song on repeat?

Sade – “No Ordinary Love” ..

What things in your life would you give up in an instant if it got you to an even better place than you are now?

I wouldn’t want to give up a thing, every struggle and sacrifice has made me the person I am today, life has taught me many valuable lessons, money could never buy you the experience or the knowledge of self.

Last words or shouts?

Shout out to God! Chill Beatz, MJ, my wife, and Dmenace.. my last words are any day that you wake up is a good day…

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