Heads may know his collabs with producers and emcees like Exile, DeJa, Kan Kick, Madlib, Oh No, Black Milk, Babu and J57.. he’s list of credits is crazy. In this interview we asked the Baltimore via San Diego veteran emcee/bboy Blame One about his passion for reggae music, the culture and more..

Peace Blame One how long you been spinning reggae music?

I’ve been putting out underground hip hop albums for over 20 years as an original member of the Dirty Science Crew. I’ve been collecting and spinning reggae since the early 90’s, which was always just a personal passion..and I don’t consider myself a DJ at all..

There are different type vibes of reggae music which do you prefer most?

I love all types of reggae music but my personal favorite era is the 70’s roots era. But I get down to rocksteady, lovers rock, dancehall, you name it. I love it all. Conscious Vibes.

If you had to pick one or two classic reggae groups or tunes who’d it be?

I’m heavily into harmony groups so off the top of my head i’m just going to say the mighty diamonds and wailing souls. There is too many to name but those are two incredible harmony groups.

Everybody loves Bob Marley why do you think he never gets played on the major radio stations?

Bob was about unification and wisdom. The system uses mainstream radio as a means of a negative mantra. The same songs repeat over and over and sort of trance us into a dumbed down state. Nobody wants us to unite and think for ourselves because we would be too much of a threat to wicked forces.

Any tours or shows we should know about?

Not at the moment but DJ grateful (my reggae partner in crime) and I have a live guest spot on a fm reggae radio show in orange county, California that we will be dropping soon.

If you could do a collab with any artist who’d it be?

From a reggae standpoint, I’d probably say sizzla, just because I’ve been a fan of his for a long time now.

Favorite reggae spots in your city?

We used to have a really dope shop called trade roots in San Diego and a spot called earth culture in oceanside but both of those are now gone. Lou’s records also used to be the mecca of reggae collecting in the 90’s but my favorite spot to buy reggae vinyl is now a little shop called Standards in Vista, CA.

Favorite Jamaican dish?

It used to be Jamaican Beef patties but I’ve been Vegetarian for several years now so I would have to say ITAL STEW, with black beans, potatoes, broccoli, onions, garlic and Brussel sprouts.

Anything outstanding or crazy happen this summer you’d like to share?

Just been working on finishing up a book and a double vinyl from my original group in the 90’s, Mysterys Extinciton, is set to drop in November.

Last words or shouts?

Thanks for the interview and respect to all Jah people and seekers of truth, you’ll find a lot of that in our reggae mixes. So please do yourself a favor and head over to our soundcloud to peep the monthly mixes! Shout out to my partner in crime DJ Grateful! One love and Bless up!

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EDITOR: Kira Scott
IMAGE: Blame One