This is a four part interview series covering L.A.’s all element hip hop group S Dot Central League. For this interview we cover super dj/producer Dj Lord Ron. He breaks it down how he got started and how he became a dj and more…

Tell us a about your background and how you got into production?

First, I want to say peace and salute to all of u for reppin’ the culture at best. I’ma break down a quick history of where I’m from before I answer ya question. I’m from South Central Los Angeles, born & raised in the 30’s right on 36th Place and Budlong, home of hard working parents & two brothers. My hood then was home of the USC Trojans, Gladitors, Fruit Town Brims & hustlers.

It was a good time growing up in the 1970s. It was a prideful community with very well kept up houses and apartments with nice lawns. There were plenty of business, Black owned. A lot of activities for kids & teenagers to do year round through out South Central LA and LA County for that matter. And music and the arts wHere always thorough in the hoods. Talent shows everywhere…

I started performing in 1969 with my homie Barry “Shakesphere” Severe at local talent shows through out South Central and we were dope. We did Jackson 5 songs. Then I got into Locking in 1974 while Barry started gettin’ down with a band, cause being in a band back then was real big but you had to be dope too.

Then Barry got with Ice Cube & Sir Jinx in their group C.I.A. in the early 1980s before eventually gettin down with Alonzo, Dr. Dre who had the World Wreckin’ Cru. Barry is the 1st brotha from my hood to rep Hip Hop on that level. A product of the very first sub-culture generation we call hip hop even though it is now bigger than ever globally with the Rap element.

I’ve been up with Hip Hop culture & the 4 elements since 1979. People now say 5 elements re knowledge but that shit came much later. Back in my day, it was just 4. The DJ, B-boy/girl, aerosol culture & the MC. I saw our LA hip hop in the streets, house parties, concerts, park jams. We were living it… Either as a artists or just a supporters. I supported…

Now, I didn’t start DJing and Producing until January of 1994. I got into it by accident. I was looking out for my younger brother Triple Ace Boogie who was getting into his music as a MC in the early 90s. Then I started a very small indie label called Partners N’ Rhyme with our fams K-Yo7 & our fams in the Bronx, Greg Moore & Rob Sacky in the Spring of 1993.

K-Yo and I were the producers. We tracked a lot of demo shit on a Sansui 6-Track before releasing Ace’s music in 1995 which did good locally. We sold out the cassettes. Been on the production ever since and still use the MPC-60 II to this day.

Would you describe yourself as a producer or DJ or both?

I’m both. I have a catalog of DJ mixes that spans over 300 plus and I released 4 albums with no distribution that did hella good in CD & Digital sales except for the last album…

Your list of production credits is insane. Who have you not worked with yet but would like to?

Thanx. That’s a good question. I’ll rather work with an unknown artist, instead of artists who already have their name out there. But that unknown has to be super talented, orginal. If I never produced again, I’m good. Guru of Gang Starr (R.I.P. bro) is my favorite MC ever and I got to produce something on him. How many producers from LA can say that?

Is there one part of the production process that you enjoy?

Yea, it’s simply turning on my empty MPC-60 II and creating. Just me and the choice records to make something. That’s the part I dig. Once I have what I like, everything else just falls into place with the MCs and the studio sessions.

Tell us about the new release the “W.S.”?

I produced “The W.S.” & that will be my role within the group plus handling the DJing.. at a show or doing the cut’s on a joint if it calls for that. S Dot Central League is a collective of a DJ and 3 MCs. Triple Ace Boogie been doing his thing for years as a B-Boy/MC and is also in the Funk band, Tha P-Union.. who are fuckin’ dope! Check out their new single/music video that features Mr. George Clinton & shot by Badfame’s Charles Bronson.

Yedr’rocski came up with the name S Dot Central League and he’s a MC and Graf artist from RTN (Rock The Nation) for many years too. He got the drummin’ thang and production going too within his InaSoulbians brand plus Unseen Legion radio. AllCity is a solid vet too, worked with WC, Maylay Sage, Truth Hurts and many others for years.

All of us are vets with years in the game. We all have the do for self mentality plus all of us are born and raised in South Central LA. Everyone already has a full plate now but with this group thang, we will just take our time. Build organically. Dig that.

What other projects are you working on?

For now, just doing my weekly radio shows. Faye Forty Six on Beatminerz Radio where I break the new raw hardcore hip hop shit. I got Fire Litty Mixes with Litviral Music, that’s for the new generation of today. I break the new Rap, R&B and Reggae. Aside from music.

I’m working on a film documentary as we speak now but I won’t speak on that until it’s time but I will say this, it’s going to dope. I’m a history dude and this story needs to be told. I’ma give it my best.

Your thoughts on rappers banging on social media?

At 57 bruh.. I don’t even be on social media like that. I’m there to promote or share information & I’m out. I can’t sit looking at a phone or computer for hours unless it’s work to do.

I don’t even use my Facebook even though the account is still active. It’s up to the parent to parent, ya feel me? I raised my son who is now 21. He’s good. Now my focus is my 7 year old grandson. That’s what it’s about. Parent ya kids and I really mean parent them or social media will.

Any C-Rayz Walz collabs in the future?

Salute to the fam Walz. All I gotta do is to call him or text him and he’s with it. Just spoke to him two weeks ago. I will say yep. He told me he’s ready.

Anything outstanding or crazy happen this summer you’d like to share?

The outstanding thing was taking my grandson to his first Dodgers game and to the Rams training camp and Rams game against the Denver Broncos and to Knotts Berry Farm. Gettin’ up with some of my OG homies/Families for our 3rd annual Unity Reunion in the park. I bring out the turntables and we have a blast with games, food etc., also getting involved within my community…

I attend my monthly Neighborhood Council Meetings & it’s been a hella learning process. Gentrification is real. I can’t be fazed out of my hood or South Central for that matter unless I want to. People better wake up, get involved. Attend YOUR hood meetings. The crazy shit even though it was not the Summer, was when Nipsey got killed in March.

I live in the Hyde Park community, 3 blocks away from Tha Marathon store. I had just gotten home from being out all day and I hear and see the ghetto bird but I think nothing of it, that’s LA for ya.

My bro Ace calls me to tell me the news. Then I saw all the news on Twitter and IG. I say that cause his death was mourned all Summer. The tourists or whoever came 7 days a week during the Summer to pay respects (R.I.P.) to the young king. All in all, it was a dope Summer for me.

Fav L.A. sports team??

Ever since the Rams came back on January 12th 2016, I’m all in with LA. It’s Rams, Dodgers, Angels and Lakers 1000%. This is home bruh. Home city home. That South Central thang. I gotta support my city to the core. I got season tickets to Rams games, and for the new stadium too. I mos def hit up sporting events a lot. Nothin’ like that live action & supportin’ ya team.

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EDITOR: La Mont Reed
IMAGE: Dj Lord Ron