In this interview meet Germany’s DJ Obsolete he speaks about new beats and touches on having more time for music.. his favorite places to cop vinyl and more.

Dj Obsolete where’s home?

Peace fam. Home is where the heart is haha nah man born and raised in the beautiful city of Cologne, Germany.

You signed to a label?

I’m with the ‘2 Zimmer Gefüge‘ which is a label, a crew but first and foremost just homies doing music together..

How long have you been a dj/producer?

Hard question to answer…does me mixin up ‘WWF’ theme songs on my double cassette player back in 1996 at the age of 8 count?? Nah but for real I really started doing mixes and beats probably like in 2006.

But the more serious shit started when I first got a lil‘ money for some equipment. I guess like 2013 was probably the year where it all started to get more serious.

Projects we should know about?

Hell yeah. I just finished another instrumental record called ‘Misophonia’ which is gonna drop either by the end of this or the beginning of next year through “2 Zimmer Gefüge.” Then me Dreist and Terfak (also memebers of the 2 Zimmer Gefüge) are droppin‘ the third and last installment of our ‘Merkel On Steroids‘ series.

Terfak and me together are also known as ‘Dassler Bros‘ we’re dropping an EP together soon. And besides that I’m always working with people on stuff whether it’s beats, collabs or rap features. You can catch me on several beat compilations.

Best place to spin in your city?

At the moment I’m not really spinning anywhere to be honest. Just too busy with school stuff that I barely find time for making music… But that shit’s done soon and then I’ll be back on my DJ tip and ready to play wherever.

Do you book shows?

When the time is right definitely! But I guess I answered that in my answer to the last

Favorite place to buy vinyl?

Definetly Early Bird Records in my hometown of Cologne, Germany. Always dope to dig there. Super dope and friendly people and always some dope records to find.

Can promoters or artists contact you for collabs?

Sure just holla at me at and we from there..

All time favorite break beat??

Damn. That’s a tuff one… Ima say Skull Snaps – “It’s A New Day.”

If you could collab with any emcee who would it be?

These questions are always so hard to answer I mean I would propably love to collab with sooo many artists but picking one is fuckin‘ hard… Ima just pick one for now and say…. Rakim.

Last words or shouts?

Yeah yeah shout out to the whole “2 Zimmer Gefüge”, ACS, Dassler Bros! Peace to everyone that supports me and buys my music. Peace to all the people that are still keeping the real Hip-Hop alive! Stay tuned for new music! Special shoutout to the the guy they call FreBo! Peace & One Love!

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EDITOR: La Mont Reed
IMAGE: Dj Obsolete