Somewhere I read the Netherlands had the most DJs… Today meet DJ Rachi from Boxtel Holland. He can be described as a versatile scratch DJ & beat maker who loves spinning hip hop.

How would you describe your style scratch/DJ or DJ/producer?

I see turntablism, scratching, deejaying, mixing or whatever (as long as there are turntables involved) as my main craft, but when I eventually got a little more serious into beat making I used Ableton Live 8 in combination with an Akai MPK 25.

Favorite DJ equipment and audio gear?

If you would ask me what’s my favorite gear I would say turntables and mixers, no particular brand or model, as long as it has the right specs and gets the job done. Currently I’m using Technics SL-1200 MK2 turntables and a Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z2. For beat making I would say that Ableton is my favorite DAW, since I started on that and I don’t really feel like using anything else.

What underground hip hop podcasts or YouTube channels you peep on a regular?

I mostly check out DJ related things on YouTube like the DMC championships, mixes and reviews on dj gear and stuff like that, and of course music videos.

Any new music projects? Shows??

There are a few things planned that hopefully can take place, but im still uncertain due to Covid.

Last song you had on repeat?

That would be Common “Imagine”!

Favorite spot in your city to see and hear underground hip hop?

There’s no venue or club where they play hip hop on a regular, but there is an annual graffiti jam, called Tunnel Vision, where I play all the underground hiphop bangers.

3 things your city is known for?

The graffiti jam, Tunnel Vision. Myself and nothing else really, haha!!!

Most craziest moment during a gig?

People jumping onto the stage. Things got crazy and so lights went on and music was cut off.

If you could only pick one who’d be your all time favorite hip hop producer?

That’s a really difficult question because there are so many people that make crazy dope beats. But if I can really just pick one… then that must be Dilla.

Last words or shout outs?

One love to my fam and check me out on bandcamp, youtube & social media!

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IMAGE: Dj Rachi