What inspired you to come out with a 7″ scratch record?

I was bored with other 45 scratch records and never felt challenged by them. Producing my own 7“ record was always on my mind. During a phone call with DJ Woody the idea came up to produce this record on his label WoodWurk Records. I hope my record will inspire you.

How did you pick the sounds for the record?

The main focus for me was to create a record specifically designed to improve word phrasing skills which is what I am probably most known for. I was picking my favorite scratch samples that I´ve started with in my early years. Together with sentences that I used for a couple of scratch challenges that I won #mobbdeepskratchchallenge or the #comedownskratchchallenge by Skratch Bastid.

Favorite scratch battle wax?

Two of my absolute favorite scratch battle records are DJ Flare´s, Hee Haw Brayks and his Dirtstyle Deluxe Shampoo Edition.

What do you hope to accomplish in 2021?

To be honest and realistic, I´d love to be able to continue my job as a DJ in any way imaginable. At the moment it is hard to plan for the long term. I‘m still being optimistic and looking forward to working with artists from all walks of our culture in the near future. The best things happen unplanned. I like to be suprised.

Has covid affected your marketing will you be doing more live Wax videos?

Covid has changed my marketing approach in many ways. For example I have learned to stream a live DJ set from home and to co-host the weekly “Wednesday´s On Wax” show by Dusty Donuts with international DJ´s from all over the world.

I am very glad that Marc Hype gave me the possibility to be part of the Dusty Team and we will continue our colLaboration in 2021.

Favorite scratch sample(s)?

Some favorite scratch samples are: “rock the funky beats”, “say what”, “pump me up”, “don´t i make it look good”, “he cut the music with so much class”…

Your first ever record purchased?

DJ Morpheus presents Phax ´N´ Phixion The Nu HipHop Underground..

Your favorite turntable to scratch on?

Reloop RP8000 MK2 because of the strong platter and the pitch possibilites.

Do you like Serato or regular vinyl better?

I like Serato a lot I must say. I am using Serato for productions and band situations. For DJ sets I went back to vinyl again. Started to work especially with 45s.

Do you think the portablist movement is still growing? How??

Yes I think the portablist movement is still growing. Scratching has a strong global community even though it is very niche…

It is fun to hang out with scratch friends to have a session wherever. Furthermore there are digital portable scratch instruments available just like the SC1000 (from Rasteri) for maximum fun factor. Scratching is like a language and grows, improves and wants to be talked anytime, anywhere.

Last words or shout outs?

Big shout outs to my Smith&Smart, Slick Walk and Dusty Donuts Crews. DJ Woody and Woodwurk Records, DJ Stinoe for his phenomenal support since day one. Scratchvideo, HHV, Portablism Gear and Reloop.

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IMAGE: Dj Robert Smith